Wee Ones «Lil»

Reported By: unknown contributor in Paths of the Lil in White Dwarf

Role: Race
Base Stock: Human

MCC Stat Block: Lil 'Wee Ones' (1d20 (10)): Init +4; atk weapons melee +1 (1d3-1); AC 14; HD 5D5 hp 15 each; MV 5' or Fly 30' ; 1d20; SV Fort -1, Ref +1, Will +1
Mutations: (P) Light Generation, Physical Reflection, Wings(M) Anti-Life Leech, Dual Brain, Empathy, Force Field Generation, Illusion Generation, Mass Mind, Telepathy, Total Healing

Number Appearing: 1d20
Morale: 8
Hit Dice: HD 5D5
Armor: 4 (AC 14)
Size: Tiny 20cm

Movement: MV 5' or Fly 30'

Attack: Weapons melee +1 (1d3-1)

MS: 14   PS: 7
IN: 15   DX: 15
CH: 15   CN: 8

Frequency: Rare
Organization: Village
Activity Cycle: Night
Diet: Omnivore
Habitat: Temperate / tropical forest and jungle
Tech Level: 1 - 6
Artifacts: L

Description (Initial Observations): These small winged humanoids are only 20 cm tall. They are nocturnal and their bodies give off enough life to illuminate 1 meter around them.

Description (Additional Observations): These graceful creatures appear to be diminutive humans with antennae and beautiful, fragile wings. They have the same proportions as normal humans, as well as the same range of hair and eye color. Their wings are usually like those of dragonflies, long and transparent, though some groups have wings like those of butterflies of various types. Much like fireflies, lils have a limited ability to generate light. When in the dark or in deep shadow, lils periodically and involuntarily give off enough light to illuminate everything within one meter. This is not the mutation photogeneration, and lils cannot concentrate this light into bursts.

Reactions: No known interactions

Behavior: Lil build their homes in mazes and brambles. They are sophisticated enough to possess artifacts, but are limited by their size in how they use them. They control their light in the event they need to remain hidden. In addition to all their species specific mutations, Lil will also possess a unique mutation. Their colorization is normal human pigmentations and colors.

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: Lils live in village built of mazes of brambles, building small nest-like family dwellings. They are very playful and mischievous, playing pranks on one another and on outsiders. They prefer to avoid contacts with other intelligent life, though they have been known to aid travelers who have not caused them any problems. Lil often have artifacts of great sophistication, but their ability to use such items is limited by their size. Nonartifact items are always Tech Level I or II.