Death Machine «Death Machine»

Reported By: James M. Ward and Gary Jaquet in 1st Edition

Role: Robot
Base Stock: Robot

MCC Stat Block: Death Machine 'Death Machine' (1): Init +12; atk see description; AC 19; HD 63D12 hp 410; MV Treads 150' or GravPods 300' ; 1d20+1d20; SV Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +0
Mutations: None

Number Appearing: 1
Morale: 21
Hit Dice: HD 63D12
Armor: 9 (AC 19)
Size: Gargantun 15 Meters Long, 9 Meters wide, 3 meters high

Movement: MV Treads 150' or GravPods 300'

Attack: See Description

MS: 10   PS: 152
IN: 14   DX: 16
CH: 16   CN: 16

Mission: To accomplish assigned military objectives, including, but not limited to the destruction of men and materials of the enemy while defending the men and materials of its own and allied bases. Secondarily to avoid harming innocent noncombatants.

Frequency: Extremely Rare
Organization: Programmed
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: None
Habitat: Military Base, Former War Zone
Tech Level: 6 - 7
Artifacts: None

Description (Initial Observations): This 15 meter long, 9 meter wide, 3 meter high killing machine is covered with knobby projections housing sensors and weapons. It floats on antigrav pods. It can also move around on the ground on treads. When activated, its gun ports rotate constantly cycling through all potential targets it can sense.

Equipment: 2 x Blaster Cannons that do 25d6 damage at a 3000 meter range. 6 x Black Ray Guns with a 300-meter range. 4 x Trek Guns that do the same damage as Trek Bombs and have a range of 200 meters16 x Mark VII Blaster Batteries of 4 guns each. 10 x Mark CII MasterBlasters 500m Range of 4 guns each. 8 x Laser Batteries of 4 guns each (10d6 & 750m, 20d6 &1500m, 15d6 & 3000m) 6 Mini-missile Launchers with 5d20 missiles fired individually1 x Fusion Bomb Launcher with 5d10 Fusion Bombs with 3000m Range 1 x Energy Damping Field fuses the circuits of Robots coming within 50 meters of the Death Machine and does 20 points of damage to all Energy Screens except its own within that range. The Death Machine's own Energy Screen can take 400 points of damage.

Reactions: When encountered without an objective, dormant, or in storage, a military common ID card can be used to move a Death Machine from place to place or have it perform mental tasks. Only a supervisor's card can give it a military objective. maintenance ID cards work normally, assuming that they are from the same military base. Programmer's cards cannot be used to make a Death Machine attack the base it is assigned to. Only a security card can do that. Death Machines ignore civil authority cards.

Behavior: Death Machines are very rare and will only be found near CI's that they are assigned to defend and from which they take orders. They almost always attack those who can't show Stage V I.D.

Repair and Healing: A Death Machine can repair 5 point of Damage per turn until it suffers half damager then it can only repair 1 hitpoint of damage per minute. When reduced to less than 50 hit points it can only repair 1 hitpoint a minute. Some death machines may shutdown when reduced to 20 hit points so that they may repair themselves and attack later.

Society: Anthropological studies incomplete

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