Robotic Hunter/Tracker «Robohunter»

Reported By: _Data Retrieval Failure: Unknown Reporter_ - The 'Reported by' field for this creature cannot be located. It is possible that this information was lost due to data degradation over time. in Dragon Magazine 113

Role: Robot
Base Stock: Unknown

MCC Stat Block: Robohunter 'Robotic Hunter/Tracker' (1): Init +12; atk see description; AC 11; HD 20D12 hp 130; MV 90' or GravPods 75' ; 1d20+1d20; SV Fort +0, Ref +2, Will +1
Mutations: Unknown

Number Appearing: 1
Morale: More observations needed
Hit Dice: HD 20D12
Armor: 1 (AC 11)
Size: Unknown

Movement: MV 90' or GravPods 75'

Attack: See Description

MS: 15   PS: 75
IN: 13   DX: 16
CH: 0   CN: 0


Frequency: Unknown
Organization: Unknown
Activity Cycle: Unknown
Diet: Unknown
Habitat: Unknown
Tech Level: -
Artifacts: Unknown

Description (Initial Observations): The Robohunter was specifically constructed for several track- ing purposes, including the ability to fol- low escaping creatures over any type of terrain. The Robohunter was designed for use with the tracking of creatures during the Pre-Shadow era, but is now normally controlled and responsive to the pursuit of mutated animals (making them very trea- sured by the Knights of Genetic Purity), as well as the few remaining resistant animal population (those creatures that were not affected by the radiation). It was used to either capture or destroy prey, depending on the needed function. Gamma World sages speculate that this type of unit has been much modified by post-holocaust humans because of the robots extreme deadliness, far beyond what would logi- cally be required of an animal hunter.The Robohunter can never harm crea- tures of Pure Strain Human appearance (including humanoids with non-obvious physical mutations), but always tries to kill or capture any creatures of mutated stock, as well as all characters that have muta- tions which obviously separate them from pure stock. The Robohunter only de- stroys its objective and anything that attacks it (including PSH characters), ig- noring all other life forms. Due to its pro- gramming, the Robohunter cannot be commanded for other purposes until whatever current mission it possesses is completed.The Robohunter appears as a massive, large-proportioned humanoid. It has a height of 4 meters and is actively hidden by a holographic projector. This device allows the robot to have environmental coloring as if it had the chameleon powers mutation. Various equipment and housings cover the outside of the Robohunter. The surface of the body is covered in sharp duralloy shards that do not affect any of its functions.As with all of the other units in the Hunter robot class, the Robohunter is capable of utilizing all of its weaponry simultaneously. Included in its vast arsenal are several weapons not detailed in the GAMMA WORLD game booklets. Unless detailed elsewhere, these weapons and their functions should only be used in conjunction with the Hunter-class robots.Placed in the robots upper chest is a taser rifle with a range of 100 meters, charged by an atomic energy cell that allows 20 shots; a supply of 20 cables is also provided for use with this weapon. The weapons damage is variable; a taser cable can be charged to do from 1d8 to 4d8 hp damage to a victim, once the dural- loy cable is fired at an opponent and deliv- ers its electrical damage directly to the victims skin. The cable is also equipped with magnetic seals that enable the cable to wrap around a victim. These cables require a combined or singular strength of 21 or greater to pry apart. If a cable is destroyed (each takes 10 hp damage), another replaces it. Cable-wrapped charac- ters can be hit by other weapons automati- cally. The weapon class of the taser rifle is 16.Built into the hands of the Robohunter are separately powered razor pistols. These devices have a weapon class of 16 and a range of 80 meters. A razor pistol fires a stream of duralloy shards at crea- tures. These shards do 8d8 hp damage per hit; victims take 1d4 hp damage from bleeding per action turn until the shards are removed and the damaged area is treated. The razor pistol has enough ammunition for 15 shots and is powered by two solar energy cells that allow for 15 shots to be fired per charge.The head of the Robohunter has been made with several offensive purposes in mind. Attached to one side is a flamethro- wing device with a weapon class of 16. It does 8d10 hp damage and has enough flammable gas for six shots. The possibility of the fire spreading to flammable materi- als is up to the Game Masters discretion. The helmet also has an optical weapon built in; this eye is capable of firing radioactive energy in any direction the Robohunter is facing. This weapon has the same effect as the mutation radiation eyes, and fires a beam of Intensity Level 3d6 radiation like the mutation. This attack can only be used 10 times, until the atomic energy cell source is drained and must be recharged.Two robotic tentacles spring from the back of the Robohunter, allowing it to attack in all directions at once in hand-to- hand combat. These tentacles do 1d8 hp damage and are capable of lifting and throwing up to 200 kilograms 10 meters away, causing 2d6 hp damage. Stored in the lower chest area of the Robohunter are three magnetic seal nets that are the same in detail as those of the Cybohunter. The Robohunter also has a needler pistol that contains needles coated in a powerful sleeping serum. This serum will cause the victim to fall asleep for 4d10 action turns unless he rolls under his individual consti- tution score on a d20. The pistol is built into the robots chest.The Robohunter is also armed with an automatic rifle. This rifle is capable of firing a steady stream of duralloy bullets that do 10d10 hp damage per burst. Only one burst can be fired per action turn, and the weapon has a range of 200 meters and a class of 16. It is powered by three hydro- gen energy cells and has enough ammo for five bursts. This weapon is built into the left arm of the robotic unit.For underwater hunting, the Robohun- ter can utilize a modern spear gun. This spear gun has a range of 20 meters and does 3d8 hp damage. The device has a weapon class of 12 and is attached to a strong line that allows the Robohunter to automatically retrieve its spears, as well as dead creatures. The Robohunter is equipped with two spears and one hydro- gen energy cell that allows 10 shots. This weapon can only be used in underwater environments and is part of the right arm of the robot.The Robohunter has numerous unusual defenses. A magnetic field can be created that can either be used to repel or attract small metallic objects near the robot (like guns). If held by living beings, these small objects may be retained only if the being holding them has a strength of 18 or greater. If this field is activated when the robot is near large metal-constructed buildings, then the robot itself is drawn to the building and takes 2d6 hp damage unless braced against the building before- hand (a Robohunter scans its area auto- matically to make sure this wont happen, but the unit can be tricked). This field also allows the bot to climb vertical surfaces made of duralloy or other materials that can be magnetically charged, moving at the rate of 20 meters per action turn. This field has a range of 50 meters.A paralysis field that has a range of 10 meters can also be activated. This field causes effects much the same as the paral- ysis rod. The field also causes its victim(s) to fall into unconsciousness and not be awakened for 4d4 hours. Plants are not affected by this field, but beings with organic brains are.An energy field that surrounds the Ro- bohunters surface at a 2-centimeter-wide layer does 3d10 hp damage to characters coming into contact with it. The entire duralloy surface of the Robohunter is covered in sharp metallic protrusions, similar to a sharks rough skin (only magni- fied in effect). Individuals pressed against this surface or held there by the robot suffer 2d4 hp damage. The Robohunter may also attempt to bear-hug any crea- ture. This hug requires two consecutive successful fist attacks. Trapped characters take 6d4 hp damage per action turn until dead or rescued.Various equipment and items used for other purposes of tracking and hunting are also present in the Robohunters con- struction. Although not originally planned for offensive use, some of the devices can cause damage. Acid spray was used to destroy the remains of a hunted animal; it can be fired up to 10 meters away and causes 1d8 hp damage per turn until washed away or neutralized. The Robo- hunter has enough acid for 20 spray at- tacks. Two vibro saws used for cutting through dense underbrush can be used to attack and have abilities similar to the vibro blade. Each vibro saw does 8d6 hp damage.The Robohunter is also equipped with herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides (as detailed in the GAMMA WORLD game), used in sprayers to help in the pursuit of deadly game. A sonic torch used for de- stroying structures and large obstructions does 8d6 hp damage per action turn and is capable of cutting through duralloy walls in 10 action turns (allowing enough space for the Robohunter to pass through). The sonic torch has enough power for one hour of use. A tractor/pressor beam capa- ble of moving up to 1000 kilograms at a 30-meter range is also included.The Robohunter has radar/sonar func- tions that are capable of detecting crea- tures up to 100 meters away, allowing the robot to never be surprised, save by tele- porting beings. There is also a medi-kit for use on captured animals (which works as a normal medi-kit on mutated animals). The bot is sealed for underwater use and is able to move 50 meters per turn in this environment. The Robohunter is also able to skim across the surface of land with the aid of anti-grav pods. The Robohunter can obtain only a maximum altitude of 2 me- ters, but can use all weapons and defenses normally while in the air.Oddly enough, some Robohunters are capable of changing their structure to avoid recognition by animal prey. Such a Robohunter can resemble the following robots: Engineering Bot Light, General Household Robot, Medical Robot, Security Robot, or Supervisory Borg. This change requires two action turns of inactivity, and all attacks and defenses are kept while in the changed appearance. The Robohunter has radio-controlling circuits which allow it to control other robots as if it had a Stage IV I.D., which further enhances the deceptive changing ability described above. These functions appear to be re- cent additions made by Knights of Genetic Purity or other groups.The arms of this unit are capable of sustaining 40 hp damage before being destroyed, and the tentacles take 30 hp damage before being useless. A fist strike from a Robohunter does 4d6 hp damage.

Reactions: No known interactions

Behavior: Behavior modeling incomplete

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: Anthropological studies incomplete

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  4. Timon's Dabber Agent
  5. Studded Dragon «Felgon»
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  17. Orange Living Mold «Fhot l'Xon»
  18. N'Yark
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  20. May'Jir
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  3. That which is hideous «V'ath»
  4. Spider Friend «Unsut»
  5. Red Bat-like Humanoid «Wed Tsurp»
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  7. Oscar «Scar»
  8. North «Nort»
  9. Norien
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  11. He who is a warrior «Y'Zor»
  12. Grey Ape «Juog»
  13. Green Living Mold «Gri'xon»
  14. Gliding Dragon «Frothgon»
  15. Giant Porcupine «Suthorl»
  16. Giant Bramble «Sutkin»
  17. Gamma Living Mold «Ash I'Xon»
  18. Freleng
  19. Feathered Love «Kiikce»
  20. Digging Dragon «Badgon»
  21. Demon Snake «Helslith»
  22. Deadly Emerald Flying Insect «Nytacal»
  23. Climbing, Crescent Deer «Albilope»
  24. Black Porcupine / Bear «Pierinhorl»
  25. Black Living Mold «Ini'xon»
  26. Bird Rulers «Carrday»
  27. Air Dragon «Ghitgon»

GW10 Module

  1. Tall Slasher «Maali-Village»
  2. Tall Slasher «Maali - alone»
  3. Snow Rabbit «Hophar»
  4. Snow Dragon «Hargon»
  5. Ribbon Snake «Irnslith»
  6. Powdery Snow Rat «Harod»
  7. Plains People «Etar»
  8. Living Ice Mold «Hyri'xon»
  9. Harlan Quade
  10. Czonk
  11. Crep,White
  12. Blue Wing «Lajjin »


  1. Oozing, Multicolored, Many-Tentacle Horror Covered With Eyes and Mouths
  2. Barfly


  1. Zayshin
  2. Yellow Belly
  3. Wraith
  4. Whirligig «Belo»
  5. Water Walker «Ger'tal»
  6. Vent Worm
  7. Two Horn «Boarz»
  8. Trechlily
  9. Trap Worm
  10. Thrum «Scorpito»
  11. Tentacled Ghoul
  12. Telenha
  13. Taterbug «Giant Potato Bug»
  14. Tanglepus
  15. T'Larryn
  16. Strangle
  17. Stilt Palm
  18. Sticky
  19. Starfish Cactus
  20. Staph
  21. Sprey
  22. Spiny Craw
  23. Spider Lil
  24. Soopturt
  25. Snag
  26. Sliver Sucker «Thy'tal»
  27. Slimy Grazer
  28. Slashworm
  29. Shutter «Floth-Ha»
  30. Shroom
  31. Shog
  32. Shield Worm
  33. Shef
  34. Sentient Coral Reef
  35. Sea Serpent, Green
  36. Sea Cow «Water Bear»
  37. Scorpion Folk «Lordia Orp»
  38. Salt Spider «Sea Spider»
  39. Rhya
  40. Razorgrass
  41. Rastagator
  42. Puff Cactus
  43. Prickly Folk «Dyllon»
  44. Plague Beetle «Nurglez»
  45. Orcoid
  46. Nymph «Cid'Tal»
  47. Mississippi Brainhound
  48. Mimic
  49. Mayday Bug «Euryl»
  50. Man-o-War «Armada»
  51. Mal Tonas
  52. Makeen
  53. Magilla «Ape, Carnivorous»
  54. Lurker
  55. Lesser Bloodwing «Jo'Tal»
  56. Land Worm «Mutha»
  57. Kud'zu Hert'l'cul
  58. Hydra
  59. Hwan Hul
  60. Hulk Mollusk «Rust'ee»
  61. Horsy
  62. Horl Ep
  63. Hi Snake
  64. Hell Worm
  65. Hell Fly
  66. Hawk Wolf
  67. Gwyll
  68. Greep
  69. Green Lantern «Ti'tal»
  70. Greater Bloodwing «Che'Tal»
  71. Graboid «Tremorworm»
  72. Giant Sea Slug «Slake»
  73. Giant Locus «Locus»
  74. Giant Beetle «Lytid»
  75. Gi-Ant «Huge Giant Ant»
  76. Gi-Ant «Giant Ant»
  77. Gazilla Monster
  78. Garf
  79. Fragger
  80. Flying Death «Ka'tal»
  81. Eyebane
  82. Digger
  83. Diablos
  84. Claptrap
  85. Cactisaurus Rex
  86. Blue Snail «Slimer»
  87. Blob
  88. Blend Dog «Clark»
  89. Blend Dog «Cark»
  90. Bigwig «Rhya»
  91. Big Daddy «Juggernaut»
  92. Bahrz
  93. Assassin Bug «Sin'tal»
  94. Arrowbeak
  95. Ant-Giant
  96. Ambush Bug «Bu'Tal»
  97. Acidweed

Master's of the Earth Campaign: MA-1 The Trials

  1. Yukon
  2. Ty'ghone
  3. Naomi
  4. Lohan
  5. Krull
  6. Jadea
  7. Hogle
  8. Ghol'm
  9. Dek'r
  10. Baner

Master's of the Earth Campaign: MA-4 To the Rescue

  1. Bandit Muel
  2. Bandit 5
  3. Bandit 4
  4. Bandit 3
  5. Bandit 2
  6. Bandit 1
  7. Bad Bart «Bartholemu Othbrook»

Master's of the Earth Campaign: MA-5 The Savage Beast

  1. The Master
  2. Grimlock Horde (15)

Master's of the Earth Campaign: MA-6 City of the Ancients

  1. The Guard Spartans (10)

Masters of the Earth Campaign: MA-2 The Town of Boze

  1. Miniji
  2. Luk
  3. Itchy's Other Horse
  4. Itchy's Horse
  5. Itchy
  6. Healers
  7. Duster
  8. Darel's Brother «Darel»
  9. Darel
  10. Bear

Mud Glat Walker

  1. Westford
  2. Wessex
  3. Speedo
  4. Security Robot
  5. Pako
  6. Mutated Raccoons
  7. Mutated Bears
  8. Lion Men
  9. Larry
  10. Jocko
  11. Green Hissers
  12. Engineering Robot
  13. Ecology Robot
  14. Cana
  15. Axel

Omega Project

  1. Alien «Shreelon»

Paths of the Lil in White Dwarf

  1. Wee Ones «Lil»

Polyhedron 02

  1. WessWreel
  2. The Companion
  3. Gurosh
  4. Cratical
  5. Cradengeen
  6. Bream
  7. Airshoon

Polyhedron 03

  1. Torel Plant
  2. The Trek Droid
  3. Sorbel
  4. Fluter

Polyhedron 10

  1. Flynn

Polyhedron 14

  1. Ren
  2. Hekal and Jekal

Polyhedron 144

  1. Yaager
  2. Shwarsfrou
  3. Pretexis
  4. Lampor
  5. Artrak

Polyhedron 15

  1. X.M.A.S
  2. X Unit Sleigh
  3. Servo Reindeer

Polyhedron 27

  1. Smoke Caterpillar
  2. Shortel
  3. Mist Spider
  4. Metal Microbe
  5. Life Leech
  6. Intensity Beetle
  7. Gossamer Butterfly
  8. Glow Mite
  9. Energy Moth
  10. Communa Larva
  11. Brain Mite

Polyhedron 44

  1. Cody Matrix
  2. Boris

Ted Tschopp

  1. Soldier Robot
  2. Ecobot - park
  3. Ecobot - farm
  4. Buffalo Explorer «Otis»

The Albuquerque Starport

  1. Zombie «Canopus Plague Victim»
  2. Waiter Bots «General Robotoid»
  3. Mutated Scorpion
  4. Mutated Rat
  5. Mutated Houseplant
  6. Mutated Chuckwalla

The Barracks Raid

  1. Tank 4
  2. Tank 3
  3. Tank 2
  4. Tank 1 - Far West
  5. Giant Flying White Cat

There will be War

  1. Locobot «Locomotive Control Bot»

Trouble in Freesboro

  1. Tangh
  2. Sentrybots
  3. Porker
  4. Laser Gun Battery

White Wolf: Midnight in the Mystery Garden

  1. Tracker
  2. The Great «Zutperk»
  3. Tani
  4. Small Mutant Spider
  5. Pret of the Order of the Blessed Nano
  6. Mongo «M-NG0»
  7. Longhorn
  8. Drake Tribian


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