Reported By: unknown contributor in MM2

Role: Unknown
Base Stock: Earwig

MCC Stat Block: Staph (2d8 (9)): Init +1; atk bite melee (1d8-1); AC 15; HD 1D7 hp 4 each; MV 11' or Fly 10' ; 1d20; SV Fort +0, Ref +0, Will -3
Mutations: Immune to radiation; New Sense - fungi within 80m

Number Appearing: 2d8
Morale: 8
Hit Dice: HD 1D7
Armor: 5 (AC 15)
Size: Tiny .3m

Movement: MV 11' or Fly 10'

Attack: Bite melee (1d8-1)

MS: 2   PS: 7
IN: 2   DX: 10
CH: 2   CN: 9

Frequency: Uncommon
Organization: Unknown
Activity Cycle: Unknown
Diet: Fungi
Habitat: Anywhere near fungi
Tech Level: 0 - 0
Artifacts: Unknown

Description (Initial Observations): These mutant beetles are the bane to all fungi life forms. The appear to be earwigs with reduced cerci (tail pincers)

Reactions: No known interactions

Behavior: The Staph's mandibles are specialized to cut fungal tissue, against non-fungi they do 1d2. Staph attack prey in swarms, trying to cut the fungi to pieces.Though staph eat any fungi, they just love obb flesh. Many are never seen as they burrow in old logs, eating the fungi rotting the wood.

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: Anthropological studies incomplete