Reported By: unknown contributor in 5th Edition

Role: Monster
Base Stock: Bald Eagle

MCC Stat Block: Thunderbird (1): Init +6; atk beak melee +5 (1d14+2) and claws melee +5 (1d12+2); AC 14; HD 11D7 hp 44; MV 5' or Fly 100' ; 1d20+1d16; SV Fort +1, Ref +0, Will +0
Mutations: Contact, Mental Paralysis

Number Appearing: 1
Morale: More observations needed
Hit Dice: HD 11D7
Armor: 4 (AC 14)
Size: Gargantuian 20 Meter Wingspan

Movement: MV 5' or Fly 100'

Attack: Beak melee +5 (1d14+2)
Claws melee +5 (1d12+2)

MS: 9   PS: 17
IN: 11   DX: 9
CH: 13   CN: 13

Frequency: Unknown
Organization: Not Applicable
Activity Cycle: Unknown
Diet: Carniverous
Habitat: Unknown
Tech Level: -
Artifacts: Unknown

Description (Initial Observations): These great mutated bald eagles take their name from ancient human stories of giant birds that lived in hidden mountain lairs. With a wingspan of over 20 meters, these are the largest avian creatures known on Gamma Terra. They otherwise look much like their ancestors, with dark brown or black feathers and a white-feathered head. Their keening cry can be heard for miles around, and their talons can grasp and pick up a rakox with ease.

Reactions: No known interactions

Behavior: Behavior modeling incomplete

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: Thunderbirds lead lonely lives, only coming together with others of their kind for mating. Once the young hatch, the male leaves the nest (and the area). A single thunderbird's territory can stretch for dozens of kilometers in all directions from its nest (usually nestled in a high mountain crag). It does not allow other large predators to hunt in its territory, taking on yexil, mantids, and even kamodos without fear.