Giant Ants «Skyzorr'n - Warriors (away from Colony)»

Reported By: unknown contributor in GW08 Module

Role: Race - Caste
Base Stock: Ant

MCC Stat Block: Skyzorr'n - Warriors (away from Colony) 'Giant Ants' (1d8 (4)): Init +2; atk 3 x hand weapons melee +2 (1d6+1) and manible melee +2 (1d3+1); AC 13; HD 3D7 hp 12 each; MV 20' or Burrow 26' ; 1d20; SV Fort +0, Ref +0, Will -1
Mutations: (P) Physical Reflection - Nuclear(M) Radar(D) Phobia - Sarbis. Immunity to all mental mutations except those of their queen

Number Appearing: 1d8
Morale: 6
Hit Dice: HD 3D7
Armor: 3 (AC 13)
Size: Medium 2) Meters

Movement: MV 20' or Burrow 26'

Attack: 3 x Hand Weapons melee +2 (1d6+1)
Manible melee +2 (1d3+1)

MS: 6   PS: 13
IN: 7   DX: 12
CH: 3   CN: 12

Frequency: Uncommon
Organization: Colony / Hive
Activity Cycle: Unknown
Diet: Unknown
Habitat: Any
Tech Level: 2 - 4
Artifacts: Unknown

Equipment: Skyzorr'n usually use Tech Level II devices and weapons, except for the sacred warriors which often have Tech Level III weapons.

Reactions: No known interactions

Behavior: The Skyzorr'n have a rigid class structure that is kept intact by the physical descriptions, abilities, and purposes of each level. Warriors are the defenders of the colony, explorers into dangerous areas, and sometimes serve as mercenaries.

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: No other race gets along well with the Skyzorr'n; they are fierce, warlike beings who believe it is their destiny to one day rule Gamma World. They belong to no cryptic alliances and owe allegiance only to their own race and destiny. This does not mean that they are isolationists; the Skyzorr'n frequently trade with merchants and other races for the treasure their queen desires. Skyzorr'n peons or warriors are often hired out as guards or workers in exchange for payment. This also gives the queen a way of gaining information and keeping track of the activities of other societies.