Grey Living Mold «Nog l'Xon»


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Reported By: Kim Eastland in GW08 Module

Role: Mold
Base Stock: Mold

MCC Stat Block: Nog l'Xon 'Grey Living Mold' (1d2 (1)): Init +2; atk 4 x tentacles melee +1 (1d3); AC 13; HD 4D5 hp 12; MV 30' ; 1d20; SV Fort +1, Ref +0, Will +0
Mutations: (P) New Body Parts - Tentacles, Spore Cloud (M) Fear Generaton). Takes normal damage from lasers.

Number Appearing: 1d2
Morale: 9
Hit Dice: HD 4D5
Armor: 3 (AC 13)
Size: Medium 2 Meter

Movement: MV 30'

Attack: 4 x Tentacles melee +1 (1d3)

MS: 10   PS: 10
IN: 10   DX: 12
CH: 0   CN: 14

Frequency: Extremely Rare
Organization: Symbosis
Activity Cycle: Any, but out of the sun
Diet: Symbotic
Habitat: Underground Caves and Ruins
Tech Level: 0 - 0
Artifacts: None

Description (Initial Observations): A Two Meter cigar-shaped quadruped with 4 five-meter loing tentacles sprouting from the top. Grey lving molds look like bizarre clay-like horse/octopus symbiot.

Reactions: If destroyed, and sealed in an airtight container, and left for a month, it will decompose into a liter of oil that can be spread over a 10 meter area. This oil is so slippery that every creature that tries to cross it must make a Dex Check and -4 or slip and fall. Once fallen in the oil, it is impoosible for a character or creature to regain his footing on his own, although crawling is possible at 1/10th normal movement rate. This oil is water-resistant, but can be washed off with alcohol or other cleaning agents. One nogI'XON makes 1 liter of this oil.

Behavior: I'Xon have a new Sense Mutation. They are symbioticly linked with their host. They are immune to most forms of attack. They take half damage from Fire (not heat). Cold Attacks do double damage to them. They are immune to chemical defoliants.

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: Anthropological studies incomplete

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