Cybernetic Hunter/Tracker «Cybohunter»

Reported By: unknown contributor in Dragon Magazine 113

Role: Robot
Base Stock: Unknown

MCC Stat Block: Cybohunter 'Cybernetic Hunter/Tracker' (1): Init +10; atk see description; AC 11; HD 15D12 hp 98; MV 90' ; 1d20+1d20; SV Fort +0, Ref +2, Will +1
Mutations: Unknown

Number Appearing: 1
Morale: More observations needed
Hit Dice: HD 15D12
Armor: 1 (AC 11)
Size: Huge 5 Meter Tall Humanoid

Movement: MV 90'

Attack: See Description

MS: 14   PS: 55
IN: 16   DX: 16
CH: More observations needed   CN: More observations needed


Frequency: Unknown
Organization: Unknown
Activity Cycle: Unknown
Diet: Unknown
Habitat: Unknown
Tech Level: -
Artifacts: Unknown

Description (Initial Observations): Cybohunters are the weakest and most common of all known Hunter robots. They were used to track down dangerous enemies, such as escaped prisoners and fugitives during the Social Wars. They track fleeing characters using special sensors, and kill with all of the special weapons and functions at their command. Once a mission has been de- tailed by a character with a Stage IV I.D. or a cybernetic installation (or some other ancient command area), the Cybohunter tracks immediately, ignoring any further attempts by any force to command it, until itself or the objective is destroyed. A Cybo- hunter only destroys its objective (and any creature or being that tries to interfere or stop its function in any way), not harming those that do not cross the Hunters path.The Cybohunter appears as a massive 5- meter tall humanoid. It is silver and con- structed out of a very thick duralloy compound. The head contains a horizontal band of black glass, through which shines a moving, glowing red light its eye. The tracker has various antennae on the out- side of the helmet that constantly move and act as the sensors. The remaining shape of the body is basically human in appearance, in larger proportions, with various indentations and protrusions used for holding and storing equipment and weaponry.This unit is equipped with a great vari- ety of powerful offensive and defensive features. Any and all of these features may be used at the same time, as with any Hunter-class robot.The Cybohunter generates an electrical damage field that does 3d10 hp damage to anyone who touches it. This includes those who hit it with metal of any sort, but no damage occurs to characters protected by a force field of any sort (the force field takes 5d10 hp damage per contact).The Cybohunter is capable of command- ing all nearby robots as if it were carrying a Stage V I.D. It can control any of the robots listed in the GAMMA WORLD game that were not made for offensive purposes up to a distance of 200 meters away; ro- bots that are no longer controlled or that leave the 200-meter area revert to their former instructions and command. Offen- sive robots (Death Machines, Warbots, and Security Robots) stay out of the Cybohun- ters way but do not obey its directions. The robot is equipped with a force field that can absorb up to 100 hp damage per action turn.The Cybohunter has been partially fitted with powered assault armor that covers areas not needed for combat. This armor gives the unit the structural capability to lift and support enormous weights (de- pending on each individual unitsstrength). Jumps of up to 30 meters are possible and can be made once every action turn.The Cybohunter generates an electronic- disruptor field that overloads all energy circuits not within a 5-meter diameter surrounding the unit itself. This field affects equipment and energy-using weap- ons up to a distance of 50 meters; there is a 25% chance that the item is able to with- stand the effects of this field. These de- vices become overloaded and their circuits fuse, totally destroying them.As combat is the Cybohunters main reason for existence, a great deal of its equipment is devoted to the task of de- stroying opponents. One of the Cybohun- ters main modes for accomplishing this is hand-to-hand combat. The powered fists do 9d6 hp damage. All attacks made in non-weapon combat are made at an addi- tional 1d6 hp damage to the damage listed, due to its microscopic sensors. The fore- arms of the Cybohunter have slots on the outsides that allow large blades to be extended or contracted. These arm blades do 5d6 hp damage and may possibly hit the character if the powered fist attack misses (roll twice during the same action turn for each fist; the first roll is to hit with the fist and the second roll is to de- termine if the blades hit). Attached to the back of the wrists of each hand are dural- loy claws which can be used much as the natural attacks of mutated animals are performed, causing 4d8 hp damage. The claws can be retracted or used in conjunc- tion with the arm blades (as explained above).The legs of this unit are capable of dis- charging an adhesive paste compoundalong a ridge on the outer surface of the leg. This paste does not effect the Cybo- hunters attack ability but may be used to hamper a characters movement. Charac- ters that come near or in contact with the legs have an attack made on them using the Cybohunters normal roll to hit. If this attack roll is successful, then the victim is stuck to the duralloy leg and can be auto- matically hit by any weapon. The charac- ter can escape only by the greatest effort (roll Physical Strength 4 or less on per- centile dice), which causes 2d4 hp damage to the victim whether successful or not. There are a total of 10 doses of adhesive paste that can be used for this attack. The paste is automatically removed when the character is freed or dead, using another chemical stored in the legs that causes 2d6 hp damage (acid burn) to characters that again come in contact with the robot. This acidic chemical evaporates in two action turns, and the adhesive attack is again possible afterwards.For ranged combat, the Cybohunter has a large selection of highly efficient attacks. Fitted into the index finger of each hand are independently powered laser pistols. The laser pistols do 5d8 hp damage and have a range of 90 meters. Each is pow- ered by two hydrogen energy cells that allow each pistol to make 20 shots before needing to be recharged.Attached to the right arm of the Cybo- hunter is an independently powered laser rifle. This rifle does 6d6 hp damage and has a range of 300 meters, and is powered by one hydrogen energy cell that allows six shots. Equipped to the right arm of the unit is a powered crossbow. The powered crossbow has a range of 100 meters and is powered by two chemical energy cells that are good for firing 30 bolts. The bolts consist of two types: an explosive-wrapped tip that does 6d6 hp damage on impact, and a chemical exploding tip that has the effects of a negation bomb, but confinedto only a 3-meter area. The unit is equipped with a full case of 30 bolts (15 of each type).The helmet of the Cybohunter has a built-in micro-missile launcher with a 20- missile clip. The micro-missiles have a range of 500 meters and do 7d6 hp dam- age. The robot is also constructed with a grenade launcher fitted into the back. The launcher has a range of 90 meters and carries up to 15 grenades of any type.The chest of the Cybohunter has been modified to give the unit a specially de- signed weapon. A net constructed of duralloy fibers is stored in the hidden compartment. Characters that are stand- ing in front of the robot are subject to a special mode of assault. The net can be fired up to 20 meters, spreading out and spinning to its greatest area with the weights pulling it out. The magnetic weights on the net drop around the cap- tured victims and magnetically seal to each other and to the net fibers. Characters must roll their dexterity or under on ad20, with a -4 penalty on the roll, to avoid this entrapment.The magnetic seal is very powerful and only a strength of 21 or greater is able to free the character(s). Strength may be combined from several characters to open the net. The net covers a 5-meter square area and can wrap up to three characters. As soon as victims are trapped by the net, they can be attacked again by a needler fitted into the robots chest (this weapon can only be fired after the net has been thrown). The needler is coated with an Intensity Level 3d6 poison and is equipped with a chemical energy cell for 30 shots at up to 60 meters.A communications sender is also in- cluded on the robot. The entire Cybohun- ter has its weapons and functionspowered by three atomic energy cells that last for 200 hours. These cells can be recharged by a special energy-cell charger attached to the large solar energy cell, fitted into the shoulders and helmet of the robot. It requires 10 hours of exposure to direct sunlight for the atomic energy cells to be recharged.The Cybohunter is fitted with an organic brain and always acts and fights intelli- gently. This brain has a 25% chance of containing 1d4 mental mutations caused by the massive amounts of radiation let loose during the Shadow Years. The Cybo- hunter never has physical or defective mental mutations (such units are de- stroyed by these defects over time). At- tacks using mental powers can be made normally on the Cybohunter.

Reactions: No known interactions

Behavior: Behavior modeling incomplete

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: Anthropological studies incomplete