Reported By: unknown contributor in GW01 - The Legion of Gold

Role: Zombie
Base Stock: Unkown

MCC Stat Block: Screamer (1d6 (3)): Init +12; atk touch melee +7 (1d3+2); AC 19; HD 21D7 hp 84 each; MV 23' ; 1d20+1d20; SV Fort +2, Ref +2, Will -1
Mutations: Immunity-Lasers, Radiation, Stun, Poison, Heat & Cold; Life Leech; Directional sense

Number Appearing: 1d6
Morale: 8
Hit Dice: HD 21D7
Armor: 9 (AC 19)
Size: Medium Humanoid size

Movement: MV 23'

Attack: Touch melee +7 (1d3+2)

MS: 7   PS: 16
IN: 11   DX: 16
CH: 4   CN: 16

Frequency: Rare
Organization: Horde
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Unknown
Habitat: Deathlands, Ruins
Tech Level: 1 - 6
Artifacts: Unknown

Description (Initial Observations): Very little is known about this strange and twisted species of mutated beings, They are thought to be sexless and so do not reproduce themselves biologically, propagating their kind by the destruction of other life-forms instead. The corpse of any human or humonoid creature killed by a screamer slowly metamorphs itself into a screamer the nightfall following the day of its death. The only way to prevent this is to completely destroy the body before the change is effected. From mere wounds inflicted by screamers, however, one recovers in a normal manner.Screamers appear as emaciated and shrunken humanoids with yellowish-grey skin. They are usually clad in the rotting remains of what was once normal clothing. The heads of screamers are brutally hairless and their faces have disappeared, mutated and melted into a glistening, featureless mass of sickly- colored flesh. Only a formless, cavernous, toothless mouth is still discernible. From this mouth come the unnerving moans, shrieks, and howls that give the creature its name. Though unable to communicate verbally and seemingly not capable of rational thought as we understand it, screamers appear to have a highly developed, instinctive sense of balance and direction.Radiation causes screamers to emit a bluish-green glow, the brightness of which varies according to the level of screaming maintained by the creature.AII screamers are totally immune to laser, radiation. stun, poison, heat and cold-based attacks. They possess the abilities of directional sense and life leech, the Iatter with a ronge of 20 meters (mental strength 12). In addition, the touch of a screamer gives a sudden lase of intensity 13 radiation to its victim.

Reactions: No known interactions

Behavior: Behavior modeling incomplete

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: Anthropological studies incomplete