Light Construction Bot «Engineering Bot, Light Duty»

Reported By: unknown contributor in 0th Edition - Metamorphosis Alpha

Role: Robot
Base Stock: Robot

MCC Stat Block: Engineering Bot, Light Duty 'Light Construction Bot' (1d6 (3)): Init +2; atk 2d4 x tentacles melee +7 (1d10+6); AC 17; HD 2D12 hp 13 each; MV GravPods 150' ; 1d20; SV Fort +2, Ref +1, Will -1
Mutations: None

Number Appearing: 1d6
Morale: 9
Hit Dice: HD 2D12
Armor: 7 (AC 17)
Size: Medium 1 Meter Tall. 2 Meters Wide

Movement: MV GravPods 150'

Attack: 2d4 x Tentacles melee +7 (1d10+6)

MS: 6   PS: 100
IN: 9   DX: 13
CH: 16   CN: 16


Frequency: Uncommon
Organization: Programmed
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: None
Habitat: Any
Tech Level: 5 - 7
Artifacts: None

Description (Initial Observations): This 1 meter high, 1 meter wide, 2 meters long unit has 2d4 3-meter long tentacles, each of which can lift 100 kilograms and use human tools. It has a tractor/pressor beam that can move 500 kilograms at a 12-meter range. Special equipment includes a sonic torch, micro-laser, power winches and power tools. Small numbers of replacement parts are stored inside its steel hull. It can operate underwater and in near-vacuum.

Reactions: No known interactions

Behavior: Behavior modeling incomplete

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: Anthropological studies incomplete