Climber «Sheezu»

Reported By: unknown contributor in GW06 Module

Role: Pet
Base Stock: Dog - Shih Tzu

MCC Stat Block: Sheezu 'Climber' (1d6 (3)): Init +2; atk bite melee +1 (1d3) and 4 x claws melee +1 (1d3); AC 11; HD 1D7 hp 4 each; MV 30' ; 1d20; SV Fort +0, Ref +1, Will +0
Mutations: (P) Absorption - Acid

Number Appearing: 1d6
Morale: 2
Hit Dice: HD 1D7
Armor: 1 (AC 11)
Size: Small 40cm

Movement: MV 30'

Attack: Bite melee +1 (1d3)
4 x Claws melee +1 (1d3)

MS: 12   PS: 10
IN: 6   DX: 13
CH: 13   CN: 10

Frequency: Common
Organization: Unknown
Activity Cycle: Unknown
Diet: Carnivore
Habitat: Plains, Forest
Tech Level: 0 - 0
Artifacts: Unknown

Description (Initial Observations): Ger'tal are mutant water striders. They have a slender, dark body, and the ability to 'walk' on water. This is accomplished by large water resistant hairs on each foot. To move It extends one claw into the water (otherwise it would just sit there unable to move). They are important carrion eaters.

Reactions: No known interactions

Behavior: The Sheezu can completely bury themselves in 3 turns. If a sheezu feels threatened and bites, it immediately salivates its acidic digestive juices into the wound, causing an additional 1d4 points of damage. This always happens on the first bite, but thereafter occurs on alternating turns. The sheezu can keep biting every turn, but can secrete acid only every other turn. They can use four of their eight claws during any turn unless a character or creature makes the mistake of picking them up or turning them on their back, whereupon they can use all eight claws and their bite. Sheezu make wonderful pets and will never use their claws or bite and acid unless they feel extremely threatened. A qualified animal trainer can teach a sheezu a maximum of three commands or tricks".

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: Anthropological studies incomplete