Blood Wasp

Reported By: unknown contributor in GW04 - The Mind Masters

Role: Monster
Base Stock: Wasp

MCC Stat Block: Blood Wasp (2d20+5 (26)): Init +2; atk sting melee -2 (1d3-3) and bite melee -2 (1d4-3); AC 14; HD 1D7 hp 4 each; MV 1' or Fly 8' or Burrow 1' ; 1d20; SV Fort -3, Ref +1, Will -3
Mutations: Warning, Patrolling, and Death Pheromones (see New Mutations)

Number Appearing: 2d20+5
Morale: 5
Hit Dice: HD 1D7
Armor: 4 (AC 14)
Size: Tiny 10cm

Movement: MV 1' or Fly 8' or Burrow 1'

Attack: Sting melee -2 (1d3-3)
Bite melee -2 (1d4-3)

MS: 2   PS: 2
IN: 2   DX: 15
CH: 1   CN: 2

Frequency: Rare
Organization: Unknown
Activity Cycle: Unknown
Diet: Carnivore
Habitat: Underground, Plains, Forests
Tech Level: 0 - 0
Artifacts: Unknown

Description (Initial Observations): loodwasps are burrowing wasps about 10cm long. They exhibit some traits of both solitary and social insects; blood wasps live singly, in burrows, with 2d20+5 burrows located in a region of 1 hectare. Their behaviour is controlled by pheromones. blood wasps wait in their burrows for prey.blood wasps sense their prey by smell within a range of 30m (plus or minus 10m for wind direction if any). They can also sense prey by feeling ground vibrations within a range of 5cm per kg of the prey.A Blood Wasp attacks with a dashing flight and a sting, delivering 1hp of damage and a paralyzing poison of intensity 14. The poison leaves its prey immobile, but conscious, while the Blood Wasp burrows one-half centimeter into its preys flesh and sucks 3 ml of blood. This causes 1d4+1 more points of damage. When the first attacker is through feeding it will leave. Then, other blood wasps will approach and feed until the poison wears off or until all the wasps in range of the first attacker's Pheromone mutation have fed. Victims of blood wasps must pass an attribute check for MS each search turn, while the blood wasps' poison is in effect. If the victim fails an attribute check, he will suffer the irrational effects of the Insanity [D] mutation when the poison wears off. The victim does not have the insanity mutation permanently.blood wasps emit the patrolling pheromone when they are not feeding or fighting. blood wasps emit the warning pheromone when they are feeding, fighting, or attacking.

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