Sea Lilies «Sea Lilies Patch»

Reported By: unknown contributor in GW05 - Rapture of the Deep

Role: Monster
Base Stock: Starfish

MCC Stat Block: Sea Lilies Patch 'Sea Lilies' (1d4+1 (3)): Init +3; atk enzymatic x attack melee +1 (1d6-3); AC 19; HD 11D5 hp 33 each; MV Swim 0' ; 1d20+1d16; SV Fort -3, Ref -3, Will -3
Mutations: See Below

Number Appearing: 1d4+1
Morale: 1d8
Hit Dice: HD 11D5
Armor: 9 (AC 19)
Size: Small 1 Meter Square

Movement: MV Swim 0'

Attack: Enzymatic x attack melee +1 (1d6-3)

MS: 1   PS: 1
IN: 1   DX: 2
CH: 1   CN: 1

Frequency: Uncommon
Organization: Each Lilly will group together with 10 other lillies per square meter. A large patch could be as large as 5 square meters in size
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Carnivore
Habitat: Ocean
Tech Level: 0 - 0
Artifacts: Unknown

Description (Initial Observations): Sea lilies are cousins to starfish. They have a base developed to hold strongly onto the bottom in the body of water they dwell (it looks like worms attached to a root). Attached to this are dozens of "arms" covered in fine hairs, used to catch food. Some species have evolved to survive in fresh water, and most of those developed a mass attack to consume large prey. Anything wandering through a sea lily patch to attacked once per phase using an enzymatic approach. If the person is moving, treat every square meter as a single patch. They do grow up to the waters edge, so anyone reaching in the water is also attacked. Their defenses are based on the fact that they are submerged; if they are brought up on land, they have no armor and are totally defenseless (-4 to ranged /melee attacks).

Reactions: No known interactions

Behavior: Behavior modeling incomplete

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: Anthropological studies incomplete