Leapers «Kreel Torrn»

Reported By: unknown contributor in Dragon Magazine 108

Role: Race
Base Stock: Common Meadow Grasshopper

MCC Stat Block: Kreel Torrn 'Leapers' (1d6 (3)): Init +3; atk weapon melee +1 (1d4); AC 16; HD 3D7 hp 12 each; MV 23' ; 1d20; SV Fort +0, Ref +1, Will +0
Mutations: Chameleon powers, empathy, taller, modified body parts (forelimbs), and ultra vision

Number Appearing: 1d6
Morale: 6
Hit Dice: HD 3D7
Armor: 6 (AC 16)
Size: Medium 1.2 m tall

Movement: MV 23'

Attack: Weapon melee +1 (1d4)

MS: 12   PS: 9
IN: 12   DX: 14
CH: 4   CN: 11

Frequency: Common
Organization: Swarm
Activity Cycle: Day
Diet: Grasses and leaves
Habitat: Grasslands and Forests
Tech Level: 1 - 2
Artifacts: Unknown

Description (Initial Observations): Kreel torrn are large, bipedal grasshopper-folk with manipula- tive forelimbs. Though they have lost the flight capability of their ancestors, they still retain their leaping ability. Kreel torrn may leap up to 30 m in any direction every other Action Turn, for as many leaps as they have CN points. Afterwards, they must rest 10 minutes for each leap made before they can leap again. A kreel torrn in mid-leap is -3 to hit and be hit.Kreel torrn are semi-nomadic beings and employ Tech Level I weapons and equipment. They often supplement their wealth by ambushing unwary travelers. When lying in ambush, kreel torrn use chame- leon powers to conceal themselves until their quarry passes by. They then leap out of cover, attempting to surround their prey and overwhelm any opposition, attacking to kill only if resistance proves to be too great.A favorite tactic of the kreel torrn is to hide completely out of sightand use their empathy to follow the progress of their target(s). A similar ploy is for the kreel torrn to wait in complete darkness, using ultravision to find their marks. Kreel torrn are opportunists and flee if their position becomes untenable. They can sometimes be hired so long as the work is not too hard and the pay is good.

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