Reported By: unknown contributor in GW02 - Famine in Far-Go

Role: Monster
Base Stock: Moose

MCC Stat Block: Maali (1): Init +3; atk antler melee +4 (1d16+2) and 2 x claws melee +4 (1d6+2); AC 16; HD 8D7 hp 32; MV 15' ; 1d20; SV Fort +0, Ref -1, Will +2
Mutations: Dual Brain; Force Field Generation; Illusion Generation; Weather Manipulation; Displacement; Epilepsy [D]; Sonic Blast; Bodily Control

Number Appearing: 1
Morale: 9
Hit Dice: HD 8D7
Armor: 6 (AC 16)
Size: Large 2.5 Meters

Movement: MV 15'

Attack: Antler melee +4 (1d16+2)
2 x Claws melee +4 (1d6+2)

MS: 16   PS: 17
IN: 10   DX: 6
CH: 4   CN: 11

Frequency: Rare
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Day
Diet: Herbivore
Habitat: Temperate Woodlands
Tech Level: 0 - 6
Artifacts: Unknown

Description (Initial Observations): These solitary creatures are rarely seen and only a few of them are known to exist in this region. Evolving over the years from the haphazard exposure to high energy radiation, Maali seem to be the distorted descendents of the North American moose.Their general appearance is still moose-like as they still possess short brown fur and large branching antlers. These bony and sturdy antlers usually grow over a meter in height and are used as deadly weapons by these mutants. Maali are four-legged creatures when travelling over great distances or when running, but through successive mutations they have evolved thick muscular hind legs. A startling development in these mutants was their change from hooven front feet to leathery human-like hands. The combination of strong rear legs and manipulative front hands has permitted these creatures to stand up, walk around, and use tools, weapons, and devices of the Ancients.Outstretched on its hind legs,a Maali stands over 3.5 meters tall. The most amazing aspect of these mutants though is their ability to speak. Rumor has it that they even understand the language of humans! Maali live in forest areas, but they are occasionally found in grassy locales when encountered migrating from one forest to another. They enjoy eating vegetation of all kinds and are known to have enormous appetites. All Maali hate meat.These beasts are almost always leaders of a large territory within the forest.It is very rare for another creature to challenge the Maali's authority within its domain,and in return the mutant moose becomes a fierce protector of its forest home.The facial expressions of these mutants have been scarred by the cruel effects of radiation,so much so that their crossed-eyes and drooping tongues have made them appear as idiot creatures.This impression is often the downfall of most enemies, since Maali are a dangerous and deadly foe if provoked.These mutated moose possess great mental powers and having a dual brain allows them to function quite effectively in the wild forests.Maali are fascinated by high technology and will always try to acquire artifacts and items created by the Ancients.They are very skilled in the handling of such items and they enjoy using these devices whenever the opportunity arises. However, the sight of robotic units sends these mutants into epileptic trances (Epilepsy defect).Maali will remain motionless for a period of about 10 minutes when robotic units are first seen,then afterwards they will react normally.

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