That Which is Dependable «S're'daan»

Reported By: unknown contributor in GW06 Module

Role: Mount
Base Stock: Dog

MCC Stat Block: S're'daan 'That Which is Dependable' (1d10 (5)): Init +4; atk bite melee +5 (1d12+3) and horn melee +5 (1d8+3); AC 13; HD 7D7 hp 28 each; MV 20' ; 1d20; SV Fort +0, Ref +0, Will -1
Mutations: Unknown

Number Appearing: 1d10
Morale: 5
Hit Dice: HD 7D7
Armor: 3 (AC 13)
Size: Medium 1m at the shoulder

Movement: MV 20'

Attack: Bite melee +5 (1d12+3)
Horn melee +5 (1d8+3)

MS: 7   PS: 18
IN: 8   DX: 9
CH: 5   CN: 11

Frequency: Uncommon
Organization: Unknown
Activity Cycle: Unknown
Diet: Insectivore
Habitat: Plains, Wetlands
Tech Level: 0 - 0
Artifacts: Unknown

Description (Initial Observations): The S're'dan is a mutated ant eater. It has a barrel-chest with a bright red-mane covering much of its entire body. It is within this mane that the rider travels. It has a thick, 3 foot tail and a bony head with a horn on it. The S're'dan has large sad looking brown eyes. The S're'dan is an insectivore and uses its long, purple tongue to eat as it travels and therefore doesn't need to rest often as long as there are bugs for it to eat.

Reactions: No known interactions

Behavior: The S're'dan is an extremely hardy mount and are quite peaceful. They can be trained to bite and attack with their horn on command. If they charge a target they will double any normal damage done via a charge attack. They have an extremely good sense of smell and can track scents. If a character owns a S're'dan for a long period of time it will become devoted to them. There have been many recorded cases where a S're'dan will burrow under a fallen master, work them onto its back and return back to the settlement with them. S're'daan prefer plains and verldlands.

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: Anthropological studies incomplete