Industrial Robot

Reported By: unknown contributor in 4th Edition Gamma World

Role: Robot
Base Stock: Unknown

MCC Stat Block: Industrial Robot (1): Init +2; atk claw x melee +7 (1d8+6) and 2 x 6 meter tentacles melee +7 (1d20+6); AC 20; HD 1D12 hp 7; MV 13' ; 1d20; SV Fort +4, Ref +1, Will -3
Mutations: None

Number Appearing: More observations needed
Morale: More observations needed
Hit Dice: HD 1D12
Armor: 10 (AC 20)
Size: Huge 4 Meters Long

Movement: MV 13'

Attack: Claw x melee +7 (1d8+6)
2 x 6 Meter Tentacles melee +7 (1d20+6)

MS: More observations needed   PS: 30
IN: 10   DX: 15
CH: More observations needed   CN: More observations needed

Mission: Varies from model to model, but always involves the production, assembly, or testing of whatever the company makes. These robots have a strong sense of property value.

Frequency: Common
Organization: Unknown
Activity Cycle: Unknown
Diet: Unknown
Habitat: Unknown
Tech Level: -
Artifacts: Unknown

Description (Initial Observations): There are two 6-meter-long tentacles on the front and a single smaller claw on a 2-meter-long arm just below them. The body is a large block, with a cargo bay area loaded from the top. Large tracks line either side, each 2 meters tall. Usually these behemoths are tracked robots (as is this model), but occasionally, they will have wheels or legs, or, rarely, anti-gray pods. These robots have a flat, emotionless, stereotypical computer voices.

Equipment: This industrial robot has a radio, fire extinguish-er, headlights, warning tones (for backing up and turning corners) and an external thermometer. Different models may include specialty tools for the particular tasks they were de-signed for. This particular model has none. Options include lasers (for drilling), rotating blades, electrical probes, arc welders, etc. Most of the tasks performed by the robot are done with its tentacles. The claw is used for the few tasks that require fine manipulations. The tentacles have a DX of 10 and a PS of 30, while the claw has a DX of 15 and a PS of 10.

Reactions: The common 1.D. card and the supervisor's I.D. card function normally, as do the maintenance cards. None of these cards can be used to get the robot to leave the grounds of the industrial complex. Programmer's cards are rare for this type of robot. All industrial robots respond to civil authority cards, such as those carried by the police, firefighters, ambulance crews, etc. The robot will obey any order given by a civil author-ity card bearer that does not obviously harm a person, including orders not allowed by the supervisory cards. Industrial robots will go out of its way to prevent or avoid harm to corporate property. They are programmed with lists of what is to be safeguarded (machinery, tools, etc.) and what it is okay to damage (scraps, raw materials for processing, etc.). They will move to prevent a person from damaging property, but will not go so far as to harm a person.

Behavior: Behavior modeling incomplete

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: Anthropological studies incomplete