Rat Friend «Rodcut»

Reported By: unknown contributor in GW08 Module

Role: Monster / Ally
Base Stock: Rat

MCC Stat Block: Rodcut 'Rat Friend' (1): Init +2; atk bite melee -2 (1d3-3); AC 10; HD 3D7 hp 12; MV 38' ; 1d20; SV Fort -1, Ref +0, Will +1
Mutations: Force Field Generation, Repeling Force, Repulsion Field, Mental Multiplier.

Number Appearing: 1
Morale: 12
Hit Dice: HD 3D7
Armor: 0 (AC 10)
Size: Small 60cm tall

Movement: MV 38'

Attack: Bite melee -2 (1d3-3)

MS: 15   PS: 3
IN: 12   DX: 9
CH: 6   CN: 8

Frequency: Rare
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Herbivore
Habitat: Freshwater, Islands, Coastline, lake, rivers, Swamps, plains, desert, forest, Hills, Mountains, Underground, Hot, Tropical, Warm, Temperate, Urban, Rural, Ruins
Tech Level: 1 - 7
Artifacts: Some TL1 junk and 1 TL1 weapon

Description (Initial Observations): The rodcut are mutated descendents of white lab rats. They have an affinity for intelligent characters who wish to restore order and science. They are sometimes mistaken for squeekers. They can be found in any terrain, but prefer underghround areas.

Reactions: They will befriend a party or character if they feel that the character is just and good. While they will not usually accompany an adventurer for any length of time, they have been known to save people's lives in a battle when they were least expected.

Behavior: Behavior modeling incomplete

Behavior: Behavior not recorded

Society: Rodcust travel alone and have no loot. They usually know each oterh's whereabouts by signs and markers they leave about. In cases where a large number of adventurers have been threatened, an entire pack of rodcust have stepped in and saved the day.