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  1. Board game table in the style of dark purple and brown, tilt-shift photography by Ted Tschopp
    Mastodon Bots - Random Board Game Night
    An application of the Procedural Text Generation system to create a new game for you to play every hour.
  2. Ted Tschopp as Product Engineering and Build Process Manager by Ted Tschopp and Midjourney
    Process Manager for Engineering and Build Process at Southern California Edison
    I oversaw the end-to-end management and governance of Solutions Engineering and Build processes, serving as a key advisor for process improvement and best practices. I focused on optimizing performance metrics, maintaining detailed process documentation, and implementing quality standards to achieve a more efficient and effective operation. I actively engaged with stakeholders and resolved process issues, while facilitating smooth communication for any changes in the Solutions Engineering and Build processes.
  3. Practice Lead & Solution Architect for at Southern California Edison by Ted Tschopp
    Practice Lead & Solution Architect for at Southern California Edison
    I served as the technical team lead and the single-point of contact for technical accountability on SCE's eCommerce channel, overseeing the project from concept through completion.
  4. Senior Enterprise Architect, Software at Southern California Edison by Ted Tschopp and Midjourney
    Senior Enterprise Architect, Software at Southern California Edison
    I am the Enterprise Technology Architect responsible for SCE's IT Product engineering and development strategies. I build and maintain SCE's strategy, technology roadmap, and platform management direction for over 500 products, leveraging multiple architectural models.
  5. Lord of the Rings wallpaper, in the style of layered landscapes, meticulously crafted scenes, dark and brooding, photo collage landscapes by Ted Tschopp
    Founder and CTO of The One Ring - Tolkien Online
    I founded and spearheaded the operations for a leading website dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings. During my time there, the site gained notable recognition in the media landscape.
  6. Random Star Constellations by Unknown
    Random Star Constellations
    An application I threw together to output a bunch of Procedurally generated star constellations.
  7. Source Code of a Text Generation Program by Ted Tschopp
    Procedural Text Generation
    An application that generates text using procedural methods.
  8. List of Passwords used in my password challenge application by Ted Tschopp
    The Password Challenge
    Check the strength of your password based on mathematical models that take into account the latest hacking techniques!
  9. Edison SmartConnect by Unknown
    Edison SmartConnect
    Key team member in SCE's Edison SmartConnect Project, overseeing installation of 5M smart meters, enhancing grid efficiency, and reducing energy demand. Significantly contributed to environmental conservation and improved customer energy management.
  10. Edison International Portal - Corporate Portal by Unknown
    Edison International Portal - Corporate Portal
    A project overview of the corporate portal developed by Ted Tschopp using SAP Portal, Java, XHTMLB, and HTMLB.
  11. - Corporate Portal by Unknown - Corporate Portal
    An overview of the corporate portal project, detailing the integration of internally facing websites, use of technology, and the developer's role.
  12. Redesign - Corporate Website by Unknown Redesign - Corporate Website
    Details of the redesign project, highlighting the collaboration with Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, the goal to update branding, and the technical backend improvements.
  13. A man sitting at a computer with 3 screens with code on them by Ted Tschopp
    Practice Lead - SAP Portal / Web at Southern California Edison
    Served as a Senior Leader overseeing both SAP Portal and Web Development Teams at SCE, with a combined responsibility for more than 40 professionals in specialized domains.
  14. Corporate Intranet Redesign by Unknown
    Corporate Intranet Redesign
    Project summary for the Corporate Intranet Redesign, detailing the update to the old design with new branding, introduction of various templates, menuing systems, and the implementation of AJAX and RSS, emphasizing improvements in the employee directory and paging system.
  15. A man drawing market research on a piece of wall, in the style of light gray and bronze, american consumer culture, text-based, stylish by Ted Tschopp
    Director of Technical Services at The Dohring Company
    Direct a multifaceted team overseeing market research, surveys, and call center operations targeting both customer and competitor landscapes. Act as a liaison between Quality and Sales divisions to enhance product reliability and accuracy. Conduct in-depth financial and demand forecasts, presenting key insights to executive leadership on a weekly basis. Champion continuous enhancements in reporting, survey administration, and call center efficiency, while also realizing cost savings. Articulate a forward-thinking vision for the technical services department and innovate new product offerings. Partner with the Director of Quality to prioritize customer satisfaction and product excellence. Engage daily with the founder and CEO while reporting to senior-level management.


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