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  1. Product Engineering and Build Process Manager at Southern California Edison
    I am responsible for the end-to-end management of the Product Engineering and Build processes, and I maintain governance control over all these processes. As an advisor, I contribute to the improvement of Product Engineering and Build processes. Additionally, I provide advice to teams engaged in these processes on how they can enhance their outcomes, drawing on best practices from other enterprise efforts.
  2. Solution Architect for
    Technical team lead and single-point of contact for technical accountability on SCE's eCommerce channel from project concept through completion.
  3. Senior Enterprise Architect, Software at Southern California Edison
    As an IT Strategist and Architect, I harmonized the company's business objectives with the IT landscape, developed comprehensive roadmaps and strategies, and ensured their alignment with financial, business, technical, and regulatory aspects. I drove the overall quality of the assigned IT domain, resolved strategic issues, and facilitated the company's Agile transformation by emphasizing value, quality, and speed. My leadership involved managing team conflicts, signing off on significant domain-related decisions, and representing the domain in company meetings.
  4. Random Star Constellations
    An application I threw together to output a bunch of Procedurally generated star constellations.
  5. Mastodon Bots - Random Board Game Night
    An application of the Procedural Text Generation system to create a new game for you to play every hour.
  6. Procedural Text Generation
    An application that generates text using procedural methods.
  7. The Password Challange
    Check the strength of your password based on mathematical models that take into account the latest hacking techniques!
  8. Founder of The One Ring - Tolkien Online
    Founded and managed the most popular website dedicated to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings.