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  1. An analytical look into Nassim Nicholas Taleb's 'The Black Swan,' focusing on the narrative fallacy and how it is intrinsically linked to the way religions, including Christianity, communicate their ideas. The article explores the implications of accepting narratives and questions the balance between intellectual weakness and spiritual significance.
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  3. This article offers an in-depth comparison of the book and movie adaptation of 'Children of Men.' From themes like Sex, Family, Love, Hope, and Religion to the significant changes in characters and plot, the piece provides an honest reflection on both works of art. It concludes with a poignant reference to Psalm 90, which inspired the title.
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  4. An image of an open book, with intricate shadows cast from symbolic shapes above. The shadows twist and slither on the page, drawing attention to the hidden shapes that create them. A soft light emanates from the background, symbolizing the overarching theme of light and understanding explored in the article. by Ted Tschopp
    This article delves into the author's lifelong fascination with fantasy literature, starting from childhood favorites like 'The Chronicles of Narnia' and 'The Hobbit.' It explores the transition from innocent wonder to darker themes, ultimately leading to a profound understanding of the light and symbols behind the shadows.
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