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  1. The Revolution of Mobile Computing: From Mainframes to Smartphones by Unknown
    This article explores the evolution of computing from mainframes to PCs, laptops, and ultimately to mobile phones. The author emphasizes how smartphones have become an essential part of daily life, offering all-in-one functionality and complete mobility. By examining trends in China and the shift in major companies like Microsoft and Sony, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the impact of mobile computing on contemporary society.
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  2. Motorola's Project Ara: The Future of Modular Smartphones or a Doomed Venture? by Unknown
    The article explores Motorola's project Ara, an ambitious idea of creating smartphones with individual, purchasable components. While intriguing, the author argues that this model may be doomed due to its contrast with the existing commodification in the tech industry, highlighting the practical challenges and the rise of wearable computing as a more likely direction.
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  3. Theme Parks and Mobile OS: A Comparative Analysis by Unknown
    This article explores the parallels between theme parks like Knott's Berry Farm and tech giants Apple and Android. It highlights the experiences, attention to details, and innovation that define both worlds, and opens a dialogue on what it takes to be a game-changer in both the theme park industry and the world of mobile technology.
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  4. Revolutionizing the iPad Experience with ZAAG / Logitech Keyboard Case by Unknown
    A hands-on review of the ZAAG / Logitech keyboard case for the iPad, exploring its design, usability, and compatibility with Apple's design. Learn how this device transforms the iPad into a potential laptop replacement and the possibilities it opens for users.
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  5. Sucks to be me - From Blackberry to iPhone to Blackberry Again by Unknown
    An unexpected visit to the Apple Store after shattering an iPhone screen, revealing surprising service inconsistencies and policy variations across locations. Learn about the challenges and costs of cosmetic damage, the difficulty in obtaining a loaner device, and insights on customer service in the tech industry.
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