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  1. Doing Religions Right in DCC
    Every role playing game that I have ever run into with the exception of Dogs in the Vineyard has done religions wrong in role playing games. These are my notes on how to get DCC closer to a relgious system that works for a believer and a role player.
  2. Factions, Ideologies, and Religions in Role Playing Games
    Explore the complexities of ideologies, factions, and religions in role-playing games. Understand how to create a multi-layered world that engages players in political, economic, and religious dimensions.
  3. The Power of Choice: A Reflection on Free Will and Fasting
    An insightful examination of free will, personal choice, fasting, and spiritual reflection, connecting these concepts with religion and personal responsibility.
  4. My Lenten Journey: A Commitment to Fasting and Reflection
    Join the author in exploring a personal journey through Lent, embracing a unique fasting practice of consuming only liquids during daylight hours. This narrative highlights the challenges and reflections associated with this spiritual practice.
  5. The Limitless Garden: A Theological Exploration of Eden
    This thought-provoking article delves into the biblical descriptions of the Garden of Eden and questions its boundaries. It explores the limitless nature of the garden, its extension possibilities, and contemplates profound spiritual questions about growth, dominion, and the future.
  6. Martin Luther on Beer: A Historical Perspective
    This article explores various quotes and letters of Martin Luther concerning beer, sobriety, and the Christian perspective on drinking. From humorous anecdotes to serious reflections on moderation, the text provides a unique insight into the thoughts of one of Christianity's most prominent figures.
  7. Universal Standards of Conduct, Beauty, and Truth: A Modern Perspective
    This article delves into the concept of universal standards for intelligence, wisdom, beauty, and manners, comparing them to a measurable external standard. It further emphasizes the intrinsic value of individuals irrespective of their adherence to these standards, and ties into broader themes of history, religion, and politics.
  8. Sex, Gardening, and Science: Reflections on Humanity, Family, and Theology
    This article presents an intricate examination of the themes present in 'Children of Men,' including humanity, family, sexuality, science, and relationships. Drawing connections to the Garden of Eden's story, the author explores the nature of evil and the eternal aspects of our existence, ultimately tying it to the Christian faith and the promise of redemption.
  9. Word-Eater: Exploring Identity Through Words and Symbols
    The article explores the idea of man as a 'word-eater,' delving into the love of reading and the power of words. It invites readers to ponder their own words, stories, customs, and symbols that define them, and to consider core questions about their identity and place in the world.
  10. Winter Rains in Los Angeles: A Reflection on Longing, Home, and Hope
    This article explores the transformative power of winter rains in Los Angeles, evoking a spiritual connection between nature's cleansing beauty and human longing for home. It intertwines scenic imagery with reflections on Advent, hope in Christ's return, and a deep sense of spiritual homecoming.
  11. Contemplating the Afterlife: Understanding Hell from Various Perspectives
    This article explores the unsettling and universal idea of hell, examining two main positions regarding the afterlife for unbelievers: annihilation and eternal damnation. The author's personal struggle with these concepts provides a thought-provoking analysis of human culture and religious beliefs.
  12. An Unexpected Spiritual Journey: A Day at Disneyland
    What does Advent mean to you? What is that sense of yearning and longing we all have for something. Join the author on a surprising trip to Disneyland where a rainy day turned into a powerful and emotional Christmas experience. From joyful rides to a candlelight procession, this account captures the spirit of Advent in a way that is both profound and unexpected.