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  1. A Film Enthusiast's Journey: Exploring International Cinema in 2007
    This article delves into the unique world of international cinema, contrasting big-budget productions with intriguing films from Japan, Russia, China, and more. Highlights include a detailed look at 'Paprika,' 'Day Watch,' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.' The author explores themes of reality, humanity, action, and humor, reflecting on what makes these films truly captivating.
  2. Comparing 'Children of Men': Book and Movie Exploration
    This article offers an in-depth comparison of the book and movie adaptation of 'Children of Men.' From themes like Sex, Family, Love, Hope, and Religion to the significant changes in characters and plot, the piece provides an honest reflection on both works of art. It concludes with a poignant reference to Psalm 90, which inspired the title.