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This blog is my journey exploring the intersection of technology, theology, and creativity, where readers engage in discussions about religion in the digital age, trends in UI/UX, collaboration tools, and storytelling, all viewed through a unique, humorous, and contemplative lens.

  • The Betten Dog - 📜

    A Swiss German folk tale about a mysterious dog that appears in Betten and accompanies nocturnal wanderers, especially wrongdoers, without causing harm.

  • The Weatherman In Pörtlialp - 📜

    A Swiss German folk tale about a mysterious ghostly weatherman who appears in Pörtlialp that is believed to bring bad weather.

  • Bespreekbaarheid: The Missing Ingredient in IT Organizations - 💻 📞

    Explore the concept of Bespreekbaarheid, a Dutch term that encourages open dialogue and transparency, and discover why it's crucial for success in IT organizations. Learn how it fosters innovation, enhances problem-solving, and builds trust among team members.

OSR Role Playing Game Dice by Jim Wampler

Role Playing Game Posts

A collection of writings on Role Playing Games I am working on at this time. Some of it is really bad, and some of it I am proud of. All of it can be made better.

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Social Media Posts

My posts over on Mastodon

Ted Tschopp as Senior Enterprise Architect in the Aesthetic of Leonardo Da Vinci by Ted Tschopp and Midjourney

Senior Enterprise Architect, Software at Southern California Edison

As an IT Strategist and Architect, I harmonized the company's business objectives with the IT landscape, developed comprehensive roadmaps and strategies, and ensured their alignment with financial, business, technical, and regulatory aspects. I drove the overall quality of the assigned IT domain, resolved strategic issues, and facilitated the company's Agile transformation by emphasizing value, quality, and speed. My leadership involved managing team conflicts, signing off on significant domain-related decisions, and representing the domain in company meetings.

  • Maintained a broad cross-domain understanding, developed new processes, standards, operational plans, and domain standards.
  • Authored white papers providing in-depth problem analysis and tradeoff discussions, and ensured overall product, platform, and project technical quality.
  • Oversaw the appropriate establishment, selection, and use of Engineering Services from the domain, producing deliverables aligned with the company's objectives.
Ted Tschopp as Product Engineering and Build Process Manager by MidJourney and Ted Tschopp

Product Engineering and Build Process Manager at Southern California Edison

I am responsible for the end-to-end management of the Product Engineering and Build processes, and I maintain governance control over all these processes. As an advisor, I contribute to the improvement of Product Engineering and Build processes. Additionally, I provide advice to teams engaged in these processes on how they can enhance their outcomes, drawing on best practices from other enterprise efforts.

  • Report on end-to-end Product Engineering and Build activities.
  • Review key performance indicators and identify improvement activities for the end-to-end Product Engineering and Build processes
  • Document and maintain the Product Engineering and Build process maps.
  • Develop quality standards and governance checkpoints to ensure resources assigned to the Product Engineering and Build know what quality outcomes look
  • Review and resolve Product Engineering and Build process issues.
  • Communicate Product Engineering and Build processes changes.
  • Engage with stakeholders so services run smoothly by Ted Tschopp

Solution Architect for

Technical team lead and single-point of contact for technical accountability on SCE's eCommerce channel from project concept through completion.

  • 50% cost savings on SCE’s first mobile app for iOS and Android
  • $12M savings on rebranding project’s costs using agile methodologies focusing on expected outcomes
  • Seat on IBM’s Digital Experience Customer Advisory Council
  • 20 index point increase in user satisfaction through a mobile first strategy
  • Developed technology portion of business case for capital program - $70M
  • 40% increase in self-service transactions
  • 10 x increase in mobile page views to +40% of site traffic
  • 75% increase for turn on/off service and 75% decrease in manual order processing
  • Represented SCE’s digital and ecommerce interests on the Utility Information Technology Benchmark (UNITE) group.
Countdown to the Lord of the Rings by Ted Tschopp

Founder of The One Ring - Tolkien Online

Founded and managed the most popular website dedicated to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings.

  • Recognized in leading periodicals such as Los Angeles Times, CNN, and The Guardian UK
  • Interviewed and featured in Wired Magazine September 2001 Issue
  • Ranked as a top 10,000 website by Alexa
Password List by Ted Tschopp

The Password Challange

Check the strength of your password based on mathematical models that take into account the latest hacking techniques!

  • Includes a dictionary of the most common passwords
  • Includes a dictionary of the most common English words
  • Includes a dictionary of the most common passwords that have been hacked already
Text Generation Code by Ted Tschopp

Procedural Text Generation

An application that generates text using procedural methods.

  • A work in progress to help build an automated story telling computer
  • Over 100 tables of various objects and qualities.
  • To Do- Look into Mustache engine
Board Game Night by Ted Tschopp

Mastodon Bots - Random Board Game Night

An application of the Procedural Text Generation system to create a new game for you to play every hour.

  • Need ideas for your board game night. Look no further. We have you covered!
  • Uses tables from the Procedural Text Generation system I am using for computerized fiction

Random Star Constellations

An application I threw together to output a bunch of Procedurally generated star constellations.

Ted Tschopp

Photo of Ted Tschopp

Enterprise Architect

Los Angeles, California United States of America

I am the enterprise technology architect focused on digital and automation portfolios at Southern California Edison(SCE), one of the United States' largest investor-owned utilities with a service territory of over 50,000 square miles consisting of 430 cities and home to nearly 14 million people. In this role I am responsible for providing major stake holders, executives, and senior management with strategic and actionable guidance focusing on the maturity and technical issues and risks associated with Web, Mobile, Social, and Automation ecosystems. I have been at SCE for over a decade.

Before working at Edison, I owned my own business which was featured in Wired Magazine. I founded the largest community website focused on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Prior to this I worked in for a market research company focusing on the automotive industry.

I love working in technology as it provides me with the opportunity to watch the future unfold. Some of the things I have worked on were considered science-fiction when I was in school. This means I get to work on hard problems with brilliant people using complex and cool tools.