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  1. a porter who works for the Great Library in Bagdad in 1258, carrying a large chest, stuffed with books, and treasure by Ted Tschopp
    Character Concept of Ahmed ibn Yusuf, a porter who works for the Great Library in Baghdad in 1258.
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  2. Man in his late 30s, Ottoman art style, olive-skinned, dark and wavy hair, deep brown eyes, mustache and short beard, well-tailored earth-toned clothing, traditional Ottoman or Turkish garments like a fez, baggy trousers, and a tunic, intricate Ottoman patterns, wisdom and curiosity by Ted Tschopp
    Character Concept of Mehmet Al-Mansur, an Ottoman imperial refugee in Paris during the early 1920s, skilled in mystical arts and combat, dedicated to aiding magical beings' resettlement in the Americas.
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