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  1. William Gibson The One Single Way In Which We
  2. William Ernest Henley Out Of The Night That Covers M
  3. Warren Buffet I Will Tell You How To Become
  4. Upton Sinclair It Is Difficult To Get A Man T
  5. Tom Shippy A Major Goal Of The Lord Of Th
  6. Theodore Roosevelt It Is Not The Critic Who Count
  7. Sรธren Kierkegaard Let Others Complain That The T
  8. Stuart Chase Common Sense Tells Us That The
  9. Stewart Brand Information Wants To Be Free.
  10. Steve Jobs In Most Peoples Vocabularies
  11. Stephen Vincent Benet If You Take A Flat Map And Mov
  12. Sextus Empiricus The Mills Of The Gods Grind Sl
  13. Samuel Johnson Men Are Generally Idle And Re
  14. Rudyard Kipling If You Can Keep Your Head When
  15. Robert Heinlein Roman Matrons Used To Say To T
  16. Ray Bradbury We Are All Mysteries Of Light
  17. Ray Bradbury I Would Deny The Rights Of Tho
  18. Ray Bradbury Good Luck And Stop Judging At
  19. Rabindranath Tagore I Am Willing To Serve My Count
  20. Pericles The Whole Earth Is The Tomb Of
  21. Paul Bowles Because We Dont Know When We
  22. Oscar Wilde The Highest Moment In A Mans
  23. Oscar Tschopp Architecture Is The Unnecessar
  24. Michael Jordan I've Missed More Than 9000 Sh
  25. Martin Luther Our Lord God Deals With Countr
  26. Martin Luther Oh The Art [music] Is A Noble
  27. Martin Luther Governors Should Be Wise Of A
  28. Martin Luther Deo Parentibus Et Magistris N
  29. Martin Luther A Householder Instructs His Se
  30. Marie Curie I Am Among Those Who Think Tha
  31. Marcus Aurelius Begin The Morning By Saying To
  32. Kevin Kelly Anything You Buy You Must M
  33. Karl Kraus A Weak Man Has Doubts Before A
  34. Jon Udell Human Beings Are The Exception
  35. Jinsoo An The Perfect Piece Of Software
  36. James Cameron Luck Is Not A Factor. Hope Is
  37. Jack Welch Good Business Leaders Create A
  38. J.r.r. Tolkien What A Dreadful Fear Darkened
  39. J.r.r. Tolkien The World Is Indeed Full Of Pe
  40. J.r.r. Tolkien It Is Not Our Part To Master A
  41. J.r.r. Tolkien I Wish It Need Not Have Happe
  42. J.r.r. Tolkien I Have Claimed That Escape Is
  43. J.r.r. Tolkien Fantasy Remains A Human Right;
  44. Horace Dediu Think Of The Company As An Org
  45. Hippocrates Life Is Short And Art Long To
  46. Henry Ford Thinking Is The Hardest Work T
  47. G.k. Chesterton Fairy Tales Then Are Not Res
  48. G.k. Chesterton A Modern Man Said Dr. Cyrus
  49. G.k. Chesterton A Child Kicks His Legs Rhythmi
  50. Eric Shinseki If You Don't Like Change You'
  51. Eric Hoffer Every Great Cause Begins As A
  52. Edward Castronova Anyone Who Sees A Hurricane Co
  53. Dorthy Sayers We Are Constantly Assured That
  54. Dorthy Sayers It It Is Worse Than Useless F
  55. Clay Christensen When Our Early Aviators Looked
  56. Charlie Brooker And Konnie Huq I Havent Got A Speech I Didn
  57. C.s. Lewis You Cannot Study Pleasure In T
  58. C.s. Lewis We Are Told That Christ Was Ki
  59. C.s. Lewis There Is No Safe Investment. T
  60. C.s. Lewis There Are No Ordinary People.
  61. C.s. Lewis The Sweetest Thing In All My L
  62. C.s. Lewis The Real Test Of Being In The
  63. C.s. Lewis The Great Difficulty Is To Get
  64. C.s. Lewis Question: Do You Feel Then T
  65. C.s. Lewis Of All Tyrannies A Tyranny Si
  66. C.s. Lewis I Live In The Managerial Age
  67. C.s. Lewis I Didn't Go To Religion To Mak
  68. C.s. Lewis How Can They (i.e. The Gods) M
  69. C.s. Lewis Children Have One Kind Of Sill
  70. Brad Bird In Many Ways The Work Of A Cr
  71. Blackberry Pr Mdm Has Become Table Stakes; I
  72. Bill Gates Success Is A Lousy Teacher. It
  73. Alfred A. Montapert Do Not Confuse Motion And Prog
  74. Al Swearengen In Life You Have To Do A Lot O
  75. Al Swearengen Announcing Your Plans Is A Goo
  76. Martin Luther on Beer: A Historical Perspective
    This article explores various quotes and letters of Martin Luther concerning beer, sobriety, and the Christian perspective on drinking. From humorous anecdotes to serious reflections on moderation, the text provides a unique insight into the thoughts of one of Christianity's most prominent figures.