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  1. A timeless being, is a figure shrouded in an ethereal aura, a solitary silhouette against the backdrop of the cosmos, their form ever enigmatic and ever-present, marked by a faint shimmering light that surrounds them, memories of the universe. Their eyes deep and contemplative, hold the wisdom of eons. Aeon's gaze is fixated on the tapestry of existence, watching over the unfolding stories of creation and demise. A guardian of the celestial realm, with outstretched arms that reach towards the past and future, embracing the entirety of cosmic history.  by Ted Tschopp
    Explore cosmic epochs through the gaze of 𒀀𒌋𒀯 (Aeon), merging myth, folklore, and the universe's vastness, highlighting existence's fleeting nature. 𒀀𒌋𒀯, a timeless entity, seamlessly integrates into any TTRPG, enriching narratives with a sense of continuity that transcends time, space, and genre, offering players a unique conduit to weave their stories across diverse settings and epochs, thereby deepening the game's immersive experience.
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  2. Photo by Ted Tschopp using Midjourney by Ted Tschopp
    A TTRPG Game That Fits in a Few Toots - An Introduction to The Märchen Engine's Expert FAME Mechanics
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  3. A blacksmith making fictional weapons. by Ted Tschopp
    A comprehensive guide to understanding weapon mechanics in the Märchen Engine, covering properties, materials, damage types, and classifications.
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  4. Photo by Ted Tschopp using Midjourney by Ted Tschopp
    Welcome to the Märchen Engine, which outlines the core rules used by this Gaming System. This Introduction provides you with an overview of what the Märchen Engine is and how it works, while the later chapters show you how to create characters and embark on your own exciting adventures.
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  5. An artist carving a statue of a man out of a giant mountain by Ted Tschopp using Midjourney
    This draft on TTRPG Characters delves into the complex and multi-faceted nature of human identity, exploring it through the lenses of biology, philosophy, and culture. The author argues that being human is not solely defined by our biological makeup but is a combination of our cognitive abilities, emotional experiences, and social interactions.
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  6. Photo by Ted Tschopp using Midjourney by Ted Tschopp
    Explore the essential skills needed in today's fast-paced environment. Learn how to adapt and grow in your career with the right set of skills.
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