A Little Calendar App I'm building by Unknown

A Little Calendar App I'm building

Crafting Time - Journey of Building a JavaScript Calendar

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Unknown : an image by Unknown

The following code is a calendar application I’m building in JavaScript. It needs a couple rounds of refactoring (to get rid of document.writes and to make it more object friendly).  The next step will be to make it handle iCal files (which will be a trick).  This is posted for all to enjoy. See the link at the end of this document.

EDIT: Ok, more stuff to post on my calendar App. I’ve gotten the ical file loaded into the webpage, now I need to convert the ical file into a usable data type. My current thoughts are to go from i-Cal -> XML. I need to spend some time looking at the practices of converting from i-Cal -> XML. I notice that Google is doing it. Also the Microformat guys seem to be doing it as well.


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