A man drawing market research on a piece of wall, in the style of light gray and bronze, american consumer culture, text-based, stylish by Ted Tschopp

Director of Technical Services at The Dohring Company

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Market Research : an image by Ted Tschopp

Direct a multifaceted team overseeing market research, surveys, and call center operations targeting both customer and competitor landscapes. Act as a liaison between Quality and Sales divisions to enhance product reliability and accuracy. Conduct in-depth financial and demand forecasts, presenting key insights to executive leadership on a weekly basis. Champion continuous enhancements in reporting, survey administration, and call center efficiency, while also realizing cost savings. Articulate a forward-thinking vision for the technical services department and innovate new product offerings. Partner with the Director of Quality to prioritize customer satisfaction and product excellence. Engage daily with the founder and CEO while reporting to senior-level management.

  • Spearheaded the seamless transition from Microsoft Word for DOS 5.1 to Windows 95 and Microsoft Office 95, modernizing the company’s software infrastructure.
  • Innovated a novel product/market research report by synthesizing geospatial data and survey findings, utilizing Microsoft Word and MapInfo.
  • Elevated team productivity by 24% without increasing headcount through strategic process refinements, targeted training, and the utilization of advanced software tools.


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