sands slip through outstretched fingers, A serene beach at sunset, waves gently lap the shore, A lone figure stands in contemplation, reflections on time, forgiveness, life's journey expressed by Ted Tschopp

The Path West: Reflections on Time, Forgiveness, and Departure

An Ode to Transcendence and the Inner Quest for Redemption

written by

The Path West : an image by Ted Tschopp

Slowly slip the sands of time

Past my fingers, through my hands.

Crashing waves and pounding surf

Tonight’s the night we leave this earth

Companions brave our task complete.

Some come to live, some come to sleep.

But on my knees I come today

Forgiveness asked and penance paid.

As we depart this earthly sphere

I search myself for pride and fear:

A sadness now, a twinge of guilt

As glories fade and triumphs wilt.

Straight is our path into the west

Straight is our journey and our quest

The course is set, our way secure:

Old burdens heavy, old hearts now pure.

Slowly slip the sands of time

Past my fingers, through my hands.

A whispering breeze, a swan in flight,

A world awaking, an end to night.


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