Numbers, an Ork Satyr by Ted Tschopp

Menelaos 'Numbers' Primatos - A Shadowrun Ork Accountant

From Corporate Suits to Nightclub Beats - The Unconventional Journey of Numbers, the Ork Executive

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Numbers : an image by Ted Tschopp

I was in an online discussion about Shadowrun and a friend made an offhand comments about the uselessness of an Ork Accountant in Shadowrun. This was my response. Numbers is an Ork, of the Satyr variety found mainly in Europe. His parents are corporate executives and fast tracked him into being an executive as well. He got his degree in business administration with a focus on accounting and audits. He had a full backstory about working for a nightclub doing their books and dreaming of owning a whole chain of clubs across California.

Early Life and Education (2030 - 2050)

  • Birth and Origins (2030): Numbers is born into the Satyr sub-species of Orks, primarily found in Europe, to parents who are high-ranking corporate executives. His unique heritage sets him apart in a world where diversity is common yet complex. His early life is shaped by the corporate ambitions of his parents, who envision a prestigious future for him within the corporate sector.
  • Childhood and Adolescence (2030 - 2046): Raised in a household steeped in corporate culture and expectations, Numbers develops a contrasting interest in the vibrant world of nightlife and music, dreaming of a life away from corporate monotony.
  • Education in Business Administration (2046 - 2050): Pursuing a degree in business administration with a focus on accounting and audits, Numbers prepares for his future. University education sharpens his skills in financial management and strategic planning, setting the stage for his entrance into the corporate world as per his parents’ plans.

Professional Aspirations and Nightlife Dreams (Pre-2050)

  • Early Corporate Entry (2049 - 2050): Before the present year of 2050, Numbers is fast-tracked into an executive role within a leading corporation, a move facilitated by his parents’ influence and his exceptional talent. His initial career achievements in financial oversight are notable, but his heart remains tied to the music and nightlife he passionately adores.
  • Nightclub Accountant Role: Alongside his corporate duties, Numbers finds a job managing the finances for a local nightclub. This role marries his professional expertise with his personal passions, igniting the dream of owning a nightclub chain that would span across California, combining his love for nightlife with his acumen in business.
  • Conflict of Interests: The dual life Numbers leads begins to create friction with his parents and some corporate peers. His commitment to the nightclub scene and his corporate career path reveals a growing divide between his professional identity and his personal ambitions.

Present and Future Aspirations (2050 - Onwards)

  • Strategic Moves Toward Independence (2050): In the current year, Numbers is actively working towards realizing his dream of nightclub ownership. He discreetly uses his corporate connections for scouting potential investment opportunities, building a network within the entertainment industry, and planning the launch of his first nightclub.
  • Cultural Integration and Heritage: Emphasizing his Satyr heritage, Numbers intends to make his nightclubs spaces of cultural celebration and unity, showcasing Ork and Satyr traditions and promoting diversity within the Shadowrun universe. His plans include hosting cultural nights, music events, and community support initiatives for Ork communities.
  • Vision for the Future: Numbers’ immediate goal is to open the flagship location of his nightclub chain, marking the beginning of his journey towards financial and professional independence.
  • Challenges Ahead: Balancing corporate politics with the operational realities of the nightclub business poses a significant challenge. Numbers must navigate the complexities of both worlds as he works to establish his nightclubs as inclusive, vibrant community hubs amidst the shadowy backdrop of the Shadowrun universe.


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Menelaos 'Numbers' Primatos - A Shadowrun Ork Accountant

Meet Numbers, a Satyr Ork aiming to shake up California's nightclub scene by merging his business savvy with his passion...

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Menelaos 'Numbers' Primatos - A Shadowrun Ork Accountant

Meet Numbers, a Satyr Ork aiming to shake up California's nightclub scene by merging his business savvy with his passion...