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  1. - Doing Religions Right in DCC
  2. Every role playing game that I have ever run into with the exception of Dogs in the Vineyard has done religions wrong in role playing games. These are my notes on how to get DCC closer to a relgious system that works for a believer and a role player.

  3. - Factions, Ideologies, and Religions in Role Playing Games
  4. - Communion of the Saints in the Age of the Internet
  5. - More on the Fast for Lent
  6. - Fasting for Lent
  7. - Martin Luther on Beer
  8. - One Plus One Equals Three for Very Large Values of One
  9. - Sex, Gardening, and Science
  10. - What is Christianity?
  11. - Man is a Verbavore
  12. - Rain in Los Angeles
  13. - Hell and Christianity
  14. - Happy Advent
  15. What does Advent mean to you? What is that sense of yearning and longing we all have for something.

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