Sublevel 2 and Sublevel 1

Welcome to Mindkeep.

The Mindkeep installation is designed to survive a nuclear war while protecting you and your studies and coworkers. As members of the facility you will be helping with the experimentation, development, and deployment of genetic modification techniques to assist in the survival of the planet. The government has gathered you along with the most brilliant genetic scientists into one location to create a focused and distraction free environment were mankind can focus on this important work. All our occupants have been psychologically screened to ensure the highest levels of dedication to the completion of our task. You will be given access to the most modern research installation ever developed. Your goal is to find the Alpha Factor, which is said to be the key to creating genetic mutations. Once we can figure out the control mechanisms on the Alpha Factor we will have the ability to produce an entire race of new humans which will turn the tide of the battle with the alien invaders.

The Mindkeep tower itself is over 180 feet tall and 150 feet in diameter with walls that are 6 feet thick reinforced concrete and duralloy using federally rated designs that have been tested to withstand a direct nuclear blast. The tower features no windows and has only one door. All of the electrical wiring, fixtures, plumbing, and air shafts are built into the wall and the concrete / duralloy mixture was poured around these features.

The design of the installation is that of a hollow cylinder with rooms around the entire circum­ference, a circular balcony outside the rooms, connected to a central core elevator by ramps. This design not only allows for increased secu­rity (as it is easier to seal off levels in the event of a breach), but allows for a large open space inside the structure to prevent a feeling of being enclosed . The open air is also used as a huge vent for air con­ditioning, heating, and atmospheric controls. The thick walls and lack of windows provided excellent insulation and to this day, the inside temperature is a constant 72 degrees.

All of the service functions were powered by nuclear generators. Elevator compart­ments, ramps, and the balcony are always lighted. Room lights come on when the door is opened by any means. lf a room does not light up with indirect lighting.

All of the doors in Mindkeep are sliding metal doors and open to properly coded ID bracelets. If, for some reason, the generator in the lower levels is turned off or otherwise ren­dered useless, all of the lights turn off and the doors automatically shut and lock in order to ensure the safety of our human occupants while service and security are dispatched to restore power.

There is an internal balcony on each floor that runs around the center which the rooms open onto is always 2.5 meters wide. It has a one meter high railing that is made of high strength steel. Ramps lead to the elevator core. The ramps also are made of high strength steel and have one meter high steel railings. The height between ramps and balconies is around four meters. Each level has a restroom. Each restroom has a toilet, sink, full length mirror, shower, and couch in it. Be sure to let the Mindkeep Calendar know your preferred time to use the shower facilities. There are enough showers and baths for all residents, however these facilities are not concentrated near the living quarters.

Map of the Mindkeep

Sublevel 2 and Sublevel 1

Sub Level 3 and below

Sub Level 3 and below are the levels that house the most advanced quantum engagement generators deployed in North America. These systems have been deployed in triplicate in order to ensure that in the event of a targeted attack these.

Sub Level 2

This is the freight level as well as the level of the facility that contains the control station for our quantum entanglement generators.

The floor is also home to our auditorium for holding general all hands staff meetings

Sub Level 1

Level of the facility is our Think Tank that runs and automate our facility. We also house our internal broadcast power systems here that power our security systems and bots. Our facility is home to 5 Death Machines, 10 warbots, and over 144 security robots.

Ground Level - Level 8

Level 1 – Ground Level

This level is where you can find the Offices the heads of our facility. The administrator’s office chief scientist Ermon’s office, our head Programmers Office, and Head of Security can be found here. We also have a physical scanning facility that will scan all physical objects and documents that are not already in our AIs systems. Finally, we also have facilities where you will brief visiting politicians, military officials, and interact with visiting scientist.

Level 2

This level is dedicated to lunch and waiting facilities where you may relax away from the public areas on the first level. Please be aware that all purchases from the Lunch room will be deducted from your annual pay and if you exceed those limits your bank account will be debited.

Level 3

This level contains our medical facilities. When you arrive at Mindkeep for the first time, you will need to report to the chief medical doctor’s office and get scanned.

Level 4

This level is our biological specimen holding facilities. You will receive briefings related to this level if you are cleared for work with biological specimens.

Level 5

This level is our world class hospital and operating facilities. Additionally, on this level you will find our chemical specimen holding facilities. You will receive briefings related ot this level if you are cleared for work with chemical specimens.

Level 6

This level is biological operations facility. You will receive briefings related to this level if you are cleared for work with biological specimens.

Level 7

This level is our catastrophic medical management facility. In the event you are catastrophically hurt during your stay at the Mindkeep you will be admitted to these world class facilities. If we are unable to address your medical needs, we have the ability to put you in stasis for transportation to a facility dedicated to your injuries.

Level 8 - Level 12

Level 8

This level is a living facility for permanent members of the facility.

Level 9

This level is a living facility for permanent members of the facility.

Level 10

This level is a living facility for permanent members of the facility.

Level 11

This level is home to the Alpha Factor Generator. All work at the Mindkeep is related to the success of this generator.

Level 12

This level is home to our armory. In the event of an Alien Invasion or any other form of attack, please report to this level to receive your allotted weaponry. Each month you are expected to reevaluate your proficiency with the weapons and armor stored here. Please keep your schedule up to date and rotated properly.


Aircar landing facilities are on the roof. Visitors are not allowed to land cars on this roof and will be escorted to other facilities on the Mesa on approach by an assigned death machine.