"Buffalo Explorer" dipicted by Night Rhino in the drawing Black Death

Buddalo Explorer

Visible Equipment

  • Cloth Cloak
  • Light Leather Armor
  • Two Large Battle Axes


The Buffalo Explorer is encountered in the holding cell in the mindkeep. He refuses to give his name or give any of his background. He does not know of anything about the city of Oskar, but is looking for his obstinancy of fellow Buffos that have been conned into being indebted to some crazy wolverine. He is young and was kick out of his obstinancy right before the wolverine showed up. He is a 2.5 meter tall buffalo. They walk on their two hind legs that end in hoofs. Their hands have 4 fingered hands with thumbs. Their heads and shoulders are extremely hairy. Their hands are somewhat less hairy, while their torso and leg are smooth skinned.