Timon, Leader of Oskar


Visible Equipment

  • Tailored Prussian General's Uniform
  • Book on Prussian Military Protocol
  • Monocle
  • Many Ribbons and Medals - Bright, Clean, and Shiny.
  • Blaster Side Arm
  • Swagger Stick


Timon is the general and leader of the Village of Oskar. He is a 120cm tall wolverine who walks on his hind legs. His billage is a unique combination of members of the Archivists and Ranks fo the Fit. Timon believes that Napoleon, the leader of the Ranks of the Fit, made a big mistake by not trying to inorporate other, more technically advanced groups into the community as servants, slaves, and labor.

Timon is always accompanied by two Bofs who act as his body guards at all times.