Idenity Medallions / Bracelets

Technology Level IV

Description: The Ancients used ID cards, medallions, bracelets, finger tags, and necklaces to give them access to the various buildings and services they needed. These IDs would also be used to identify themselves with computers and artificial intelligences. Several Archaic Alignments have discovered how the ancients stored this information and are now assigning basic IDs to their members. An ID bracelet may be imprinted with more than one code if the person performs more than one role within those services. Additionally, each com badge is programmed to identify its user for purposes of security access and clearance, as well as AI recognition. Depending upon the security settings of an individual com badge, this may allow the wearer access to otherwise secure facilities and to be recognized by AIs as the ancient former owner. The badges can also function as an audio communication device. If the proper commands are given it can also transmit and project holographic communications, as well as biometric sensor data. If someone is wearing a given badge and they find another badge, the badges can be placed into learning mode, and placed next to each other and they will merge their rights from the one badge to the other badge. Placing a badge into learning mode would require the result on the Artifact Check table to be 32+. Once someone performs this check, they may transfer any ID they are wearing. They may not do this for other people, and it will that the person who has accomplished this to teach someone else how to do this per the standard rules on teaching others.

There are five basic levels of security.

Code I: Colored yellow or brown. This is an ID that just has basic information about the bearer. It includes their name, credit ratings, home, family members, and methods to contact the individual. This is the only level that is commonly understood by Archaic Alignments.

Code II: These are ID's that are assigned low level emergency response individuals. This includes military, medical, police, and civil servants. Important individuals in business and financial organizations were also assigned this class. Red is generally assigned to Military and Police. Blue is assigned to Civil Servants. White was assigned to Medical roles. Green was assigned financial roles. These IDs are common within ruins associated with Hospitals, Police Departments, and city and state guard stations. Business offices will occasionally have green IDs, but these were generally assigned to executives and not normal employees working for a corporation. The green badges come affixed with a Domar symbol (Đ)

Code III: These are ID's that are assigned to important Scientists, Engineers, technical support staff, and Medical Doctors. These roles were considered critical roles associated to the operational health of societies infrastructure. Scientists were assigned gray IDs. Orange were assigned to Engineering and Technical Support Staff (⛭). White again was assigned to Medical Doctors, however a Doctor with a Code III badge will have a symbol (☤) superimposed over the white band in the badge.

Code IV: These badges are generally Red with a symbol of a shield and spear (♂) superimposed over the red band on the badge. These badges were assigned to professional soldiers and special forces groups.

Code V: These badges are Red or Blue and they are assigned to people in command. Red badges are assigned to people in Military command structure. This badge would include multiple shield / spear symbols (♂) superimposed on the red band. The blue badges were given to civil command and elected officials. Elected officials at this level have a symbol (⚖︎). The more authority the elected or civil official had the larger the number of symbols. These ID's are extremely rare, and many feel these badges have been lost to history.