Gene the Architect

Visible Equipment

  • Robes
  • Visor / eye ware
  • Shoulder Satchel


Gene is the leader of the Restorationists at Haven. His rank among them is that of Architect. His robes are white and worn indicating he has held the position for many years. He is a respected member of the community in Haven and he is the players patron.

No one outside of the Restorationists chapter house has seen Gene not wearing the robes of his office. It is rumored he carries several artifact weapons and a portable computer under his robes that communicates with his visor / eyeware.

Rumors are still making the circles within Haven that Gene was jumped by several Knights of Entropy. Gene wears one red bandanna around each wrist. When asked about them, he says Gene makes comments that he wears them to remind himself on the importance of continuing his work to restoring society back to the way it was. If he is asked where he got them, he says he found them while traveling to a excavation and he assumes they were abandoned by their former owners.