Ermon, The Hermit

Ermon, The Hermit

Visible Equipment

  • Staff
  • ID Bracelet


Ermon is a former Employee of the Mind Keep. He has been alive for centuries. It is recommended that he should be contacted before going into the Mind Keep. He lives along the cliffs near the waterfall. He looks to be 70 years of age, and appears to be a PSH who is quite intelligent. His attention slips now and again, but he is far from senile. He carries a staff with him always.

The Cave

Ermon lives in a simple, shallow cave that protects him from the elements. The cave contains a natrual spring and a sinkhole that provides for all his water and sanitary needs. Ermon lives off the blue mushrooms that grow naturally through the Flower Lands and appear in abundance on the Flat Blue Food plateau. Years ago he began to develop a strain that glows in the dark and has several weeks of plants growing in his cave that provide light as well as act as a natural backup supply of food in the even he can't travel from the cave. If he is being chased or hunted Ermon will retreat to the cave a lay silently in there until those chasing him give up.

The N'thlai

Ermon is attended by two N'thani who are members of a village of N'thani several miles down the way. The serve him and are in constant communications mentally with him and their village.

Ermon's Time at Mindkeep

The Mindkeep was a facility of the ancients who were leading humanities response to the Invasion. Ermon Coot and his brother Jeremiah were working at the facility when the Great Disaster took place. Ermon and Jeremiah are the last two surviving members of the original staff. The rest of the staff has died out over time, however something has kept the two brothers alive. Ermon has been by the to the top of the plateau in the last couple of years, but has not been inside the tower in hundreds of years. He left years ago as his brother was slowly going mad. He left to find help, and even now believes that help is not to be had and that its too late for his brother.

Ermon now travels, as a wanderer, around the Flower Lands hoping to find something that will cure his brother. He is living this simple life because he believes that the insanity his brother is experiencing may be because of centuries of being exposed to certain aspects of technology.

During his travels Ermon has befriended Gene and Bokshee and even lent them his photo of the Flower Lands that was taken from the Cities of Men. He has also lent them his support in trying to re-establish a certain level of technology that will allow the return to the Cities of Men.

Ermon has reprogrammed everyone's ID Bracelet to be a Grey Level III bracelet.

Ermon has also lent the party a Black Death Ray Pistol that has 1 shot left.

Black Death Ray Pistol

The ultimate hand-held weapon, it is powered by a Chemical Energy Cell good for 4 shots. Fortunately, few Black Ray Pistols are available. They instantly kill an organic target not protected by a Force Field, but have no effect on inorganic or dead organic matter or on those inside a Force Field.

This looks like a clear plastic gun stock holding a black crystal 1 foot lozenge as the barrel. Energy is channeled from the energy cell through the crystal. The crystal is charged if a black liquid smoke movement is seen within the crystal. If there is no movement within the crystal, or the crystal is shattered, it needs to be replaced.

Type Name TL Comp Range Radius Dmg Power Ammo Rate of Fire Speed Weight Cost Value
Pistol Black Ray Pistol 7 7 100 N/A Fortitude Save vs. Death C - Cell 4 1 N/A 1/2kg priceless Rank