Commonly Known Creatures


'That Which Flies the Moon'

Description: The Bu'Daan resembles a huge weasel with great bat wings and is extremely rare. It usally lives in high areas and its fur brings and enormus price.



Description: Mutated Rabbitoid creatures averaging 2.6 meters in height who walk erect.



Description: Man-made beings with red hued skin and blank stares.



Description: Man-made beings with red hued skin and blank stares.



Description: Man-made beings with red hued skin and blank stares.


'Hound Folk'

Description: Intelligent man-dogs over two meters tall, standing on their hind legs. The only wear leather or leather studded armor and carry shields. They have thick fur.


'Dragon Bugs'

Description: One to Two meter long Dragonflies. They are often domesticated as flying steeds by small humanoids and mutated animals. They must be trained from a very young age.


'Digger Folk'

Description: 1.5 Meter-tall humanoid badgers. Badders wear chainmail and ring mail armor. They walk erect.


'Digger Noble'

Description: 1.5 Meter-tall humanoid badgers. Badders wear chainmail and ring mail armor. They walk erect.

Barl Neps


Description: A Black predatory fish that grows to a length of 1.5 meters.

Ber Leps


Description: A two-meter diameter, free floating lily-pad. The plant secrets a swee-smelling acid that attracts prey


'Gamma Moths'

Description: A mutated gypsy moth over 1 meter long and with a two meter wingspan.



Description: A mutated garden spider that stands 1.5 meters at the shoulder.Webs are known to reach a diameter of 60 meters


'Cloud Worms'

Description: Three meter long carnivorous winged worms with a 9 meter wingspan.

Blood birds

'Red Deaths'

Description: A Mutated Scarlet Tanager with red feathers standing a meter tall.


'Big Walkers'

Description: A two meter tall horse that can carry 900lbs for long distances without tiring.

Cal Thens

'Flying Rippers'

Description: A giant mutated beetle that reaches the length of 2.5 meters.


'Dark Emperors'

Description: Three meter tall mutated vultures weighing over 50kg. Each is followed by at least 1d6 blood bird followers.


'Fast Trotters'

Description: Mutated horses with insectoid appearances. They have 12 - 18 legs.

Cren Tosh

'Lizard Fish'

Description: This creature prefers to live in the water as a 2 meter long fish, but it can transform itself into any lizard of similar mass for up to 24 hours at a time.

Pink Crep

'Water Crep'

Description: Water Crep live in the water totally submerged.

Red Crep

'Land Crep'

Description: Land Crep grow under a mat of other plants.


'Brown Beggers, Trash Pandas'

Description: One Meter tall mutated raccoons that walk upright and have manipulative paws.



Description: One Meter long fish

Ert Teldens


Description: One Meter Long fish that lives in backwaters and marshes.



Description: Intelligent humanoids that have adapted to living on both land and in the water. They have fish like tails, stubby legs, and both lungs and gills.


'Green Hissers'

Description: One to Two Meter long mutated Alligators with a pair of one meter long tentacles attached to their foreheads.


'Green Man'

Description: Grens look like Green skinned pure strain humans.


'Sparrow Hawks'

Description: Mutated sparrow hawks that grow to a height of 1.5 meters with a 1 meter wingspan. Their legs do not end in talons, but end in hands.


'Dead Fish'

Description: A savage fish that hunt in schools and devour anything edible in the water with them. They are only 1/2 a meter in length, their bite is quite dangerous since over a third of their length is taken up by teeth and mouth.


'Tiger Beetles'

Description: Three and a half long mutated beetles whose wings have mutated to become a carapace.


'Man Snakes'

Description: Three meter long, scale covered humanoids with a human torso and arms and the lower body and head of a snake.



Description: Hoppers are herd animals that are mutated from Jackrabbits. Each Hopper stands 3 meters tall a tthe shoulder, large enough to carry 1 man-sized creature.

Horl Choos

'Porcupine Plants'

Description: An Odd 3 meter tall black plant that looks like a lumpy porcupine from a distance.


'Savannah Cats'

Description: Mutated Jaguars prowl the vast grassland. Their front paws have been modified to give them thumbs.

Kai Lins

'Lizard Bushes'

Description: This three meter tall plant looks like a large reptile from a distance, especially when it runs along the ground n its two "feet." It is covered in green, scaly bark.


'Thunder Lizard'

Description: This 18 meter tall mutated forest iguana is one of the most fearsome omnivores in Gamma World. It will shake the ground as it passes.


'Water Weirds'

Description: A one meter long, white mutated amphibian that lives in small bodies of water.

Kep Plants

'Sand Devils'

Description: This carnivorous plant lives its life underground growing a network of pressure-sensitive roots from below the surface. It will not allow other plants to grow within 30 meters of it.


'Wee Ones'

Description: These small winged humanoids are only 20 cm tall. They are nocturnal and their bodies give off enough life to illuminate 1 meter around them.


'Green Renders'

Description: Giant Preying Mantises that stand 3 meters tall at the shoulder.