Process Manager for Engineering and Build Process at Southern California Edison


 Posted in 2018
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Process Manager for Engineering and Build Process at Southern California Edison by MidJourney and Ted Tschopp
"Ted Tschopp as Product Engineering and Build Process Manager" by MidJourney and Ted Tschopp

I oversaw the end-to-end management and governance of Solutions Engineering and Build processes, serving as a key advisor for process improvement and best practices. I focused on optimizing performance metrics, maintaining detailed process documentation, and implementing quality standards to achieve a more efficient and effective operation. I actively engaged with stakeholders and resolved process issues, while facilitating smooth communication for any changes in the Solutions Engineering and Build processes.

  • Strategically extended the use of source control mechanisms from compliance-focused products to encompass all company offerings, enhancing code consistency and facilitating more efficient development cycles across the enterprise.
  • Formulated and led the implementation of a DevOps strategy, unifying software development and IT operations to enhance collaboration and accelerate time-to-market for new product features.
  • Championed a cultural shift within the organization by introducing and promoting Agile methodologies, fostering a more collaborative and adaptive work environment to better respond to business needs.
  • Attained Lean Six Sigma certification and leveraged it to conduct quarterly Kaizens, strategically refining the build and engineering processes to eliminate waste and enhance value to the business.
  • Established and enforced coding standards and secure coding practices across the development teams, elevating code quality and reducing vulnerabilities to fortify the company’s software products.