Switching from NewGator to Google Reader


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Today I made the switch. I moved my Feeddemon sync source from NewGator to Google Reader. The switch was rather easy, but there have been a couple unusual things I had to watch out for. The first one is that you need to have Feeddemon as the place you add feeds. If you add them to Google Reader, they don’t seem to end up in Feeddemon. While this isn’t too much of a problem if you know about it, it was something I verified when I was making the switch. Another thing that would be handy, and I suspect will be the ability to comment on a news item in Feeddemon and have those comments get appended to the article in Google Reader. This I suppose is a lot to as for version one of a feature.

So why go to all this trouble? Well, at work I use Feeddemon, and here at home I have a Macintosh. I can’t stand NetNewsWire, I have never been able to use it the same way that I use Feeddemon. So now I’ll use the Readair on my Macintosh.

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