My Lenten Journey: A Commitment to Fasting and Reflection


 Posted in 2008
 Catagories: ✝️ Religion

A Personal Experience with Liquid Fasting during the Lenten Season

Well, this is starting the second week of my fast for Lent.  This year I have decided not to eat any solid food (liquids only) when the sun is up.  What this basically means is that I have a nice normal dinner, and everything else is liquid.  I have also decided that I will not be drinking any soda, so all fluids are going to be juices and tea.  Most of the time I will drink several types of tea.  Occasionally I will have an orange juice or a vitamin water.  For lunch I will drink a Jamba juice with a shot of wheat grass.

I have done this fast once before and combined it with a one and a half mile walk because Jamba Juice was that far from work.  This year Jamba juice is much further from work, so I will have to go out of my way to do the walking.

So far everything seems to be working great.  I will post more later this week about how the process is going.