Playing it Cool, Playing it Fast! Playing it on the Computer


 Posted in 2006
 Catagories: 💻 Computers

So I copied my entire iTunes music library to my iBook today. I had to leave my podcasts and my audible subscriptions and audio books on the PC as they took up about 20gb. After everything was transferred I installed Tangerineand pointed it at my iTunes collection. The program takes a look at each song and figures out the beats per minute and the intensity of each beat. It will then allow you to put together playlists based on the tempo of the music. So if you are in a mellow mood you can have it pick all slow songs. If you are racing around with your head in your hands trying to get everything done, crank the BPM up to above 130. This application is very cool, and I hope that Apple will fold this functionality into iTunes in the future. Additionally, I hope someone comes out with a decent version for the PC. I tried several Windows applications that were like Tangerine, but none of them could compare.

On the technical side. Transferring Music from PC to Macintosh isn’t all that hard if you have a shared hard drive. The problems arise because iTunes uses an XML file to store information about the music such as Rating (5 Starts), BMP. So there is no easy way to get the songs that I have analyzed on the Apple back to my PC without first spending some quality time making sure that the XML file will be easily transferred. Part of this transfer is the need to deal with the location the actual files are stored at. Interestingly enough the XML file generated by iTunes to stores file locations as URLs. So on my PC the location is file://localhost/E:/iTunes/ while on the Macintosh it’s something along the lines of file://MUSIC/iTunes/ Searching and replacing these shouldn’t be all that hard, but I didn’t plan on it when I made the transfer today. Also to completly analyize my collection of will take something like 2 days. To be honest this isn’t so bad, as I have over 22 days worth of music.I’m looking forward to finding out what the loudest fastest song in my library is; my guess is that it’s some hard core germanic electronic club music that I play when I’m in the “I’m coding go away Mode.”