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 Posted in 2005
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Edison.com Redesign - Corporate Website by Unknown
"Unknown" by Unknown

Overview: This project was commissioned in corporation with Corporate communications, investor relations, and an externally facing design company.  The goal of the project was to update the branding on Edison Internationals web site.  One driving goal was to make the design “award winning” as well maintain our image as a utility company which has been serving California now for over 100 years.  In addition to the entire face lift, much of the content was to be moved around and reorganized.  On the back end, the CMS was going to be updated to improve the templating system.  Finally we had to take into account that the site itself was going to live on 5 separate servers each with different domain names and each with different assets on each server.  The templating system would have to take this into account.

Technology Used: ASP, MSSQL, Microsoft Site Server, Windows 2003, HTML, RSS, Flash, XML, JavaScript

Role: Architect, Solution Engineer, DBA, and Developer

Awards Won: 3