Practice Lead - SAP Portal / Web at Southern California Edison


 Posted in 2004
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A man sitting at a computer with 3 screens with code on them by Ted Tschopp
"Market Research" by Ted Tschopp

Served as a Senior Leader overseeing both SAP Portal and Web Development Teams at SCE, with a combined responsibility for more than 40 professionals in specialized domains.

  • Led a dedicated team of over 10 SAP Portal Developers, focusing on the development and maintenance of SCE’s SAP Portal with specialized expertise in SAP HCM and EAM.

  • Acted as the Practice Lead for a community of over 30 web developers, responsible for the development and ongoing maintenance of SCE’s enterprise-level websites.

  • Orchestrated the decommissioning of 150 legacy business applications, enhancing operational efficiency and resource optimization.

  • Engineered a data center routing solution at the Edison International (EIX) level, collaborating with stakeholders from Edison International companies and SCE.

  • Spearheaded the rebranding of the corporate intranet and website, aligning both with organizational changes and earning accolades from the Web Marketing Association and The American Business Awards.

  • Presented on behalf of SCE at the NetWeaver Portal/BI Conference, sharing valuable insights into SCE’s SOA integration practices.

  • Acted as an annual judge for the Cal Poly CIS ITC web design competition, representing SCE and contributing to the broader web development community.