Thoughts on a Potential Google Internet OS


 Posted in 2004
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An illustrative diagram depicting Google's envisioned web-based operating system, highlighting various integrated components such as Mail, Blog, Social Network, and Pictures. The interconnected nature of these services symbolizes a unified and easily accessible platform for the future of web applications. by Ted Tschopp and Midjourney
"Unknown" by Ted Tschopp and Midjourney

Exploring the Potential of a Web-Based Operating System form Google

I’ve been a firm believer that Google is making an OS with a set of applications. Think of a system which ties all their properties together. Mail, Blog, Social Network, Pictures, Search, etc… Into one usable application which can be accessed from anywhere on the planet as long as you have a browser.

I personally think the Internet is where the PC market was back say 84, Right as GUI’s were being introduced. Games were a bit hokey, and they didn’t have a lot of graphical depth and lacked a lot of depth. Applications were not all that great, but they did their job. There were tons of content and BBS if you could get online, but most of it was static and not maintained. Now think where we are today. Online Games are ok, but not all that deep. Web applications are good, but few are worth the time and energy. As for Content, sure most of it is static and poorly maintained. It reminds me of all those CD’s people use to sell of here is 1000 Titles of English Literature.

So what is Google doing, they are building the OS which will run the future web applications that are out there. Sure Microsoft thinks they will be the ones doing this with .NET, but .NET is to PC centric. And to be honest, Google could use the .NET framework to write their OS in, and it wouldn’t help Microsoft one bit because the applications would not require you to use a Microsoft OS. I personally don’t think that Google is going to use MS products in their applications even though Orkut is a .NET application. I personally think they are looking at trying to answer the question. Can our OS support .NET applications instead of looking at embracing .NET.

In the end, I suspect that Google will be the first company to bring the Internet to the Internet like the Internet was brought to the PC’s during the 90’s. Give us 5 – 7 years and we will be well along in the process.