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SCE Intranet by Ted Tschopp
SCE Intranet by Ted Tschopp

Overview: This project was a quick hit for Corporate Communications.  The idea here was to do something with our old design which had been around for 7 years and come up with something that incorporated the new Building the Future branding, as well as tie it into the branding for the Edison Family of Web sites.  This branding for the project was also to straddle the gap between our ERP Portal solution and old branding.  Scope included  a home page redesign, and 7 different templates, two menuing systems, an AJAX RSS reader, and content wells to act like “portlets”.  Also covered was the employee directory and paging system, the two highest used applications at the company.

Technology Used: HTML, XML, RSS, AJAX, Perl, Netscape Web Server, Sybase database

Role: Engineer and Developer

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